Excelent and powerful drummer, Micky Waller was born on September 6, 1941.


This was Micky's first professional band, in 1960. They had a hit record, 'Greenjeans'. Don't know more info about them, so if anyone can help...


After a while, Micky went to play in this band. Their hit record was 'Picture of you'. Don't know more info about them, so if anyone can help...


In July 1963, he joined famed band Cyril Davies R&B All Stars, replacing original drummer, the legendary Carlo Little.

But Cyril Davies died of leukemia on January 7, 1964. He was 32. The band was commanded then by Long John Baldry under the new name Hoochie Coochie Men, but Waller didn't stayed in the group.


After Cyril Davies, Micky went to play with this artist (he's the father of Kim Wilde), who had several hits along the sixties. While with Marty, he played two tours with Little Richard along the UK.


Micky has played with great keyboardist and singer Georgie Fame during three different periods: first time was in July 1964. He came to the band when great drummer Phil Seaman couldn't stay with them for certain reasons.

Georgie Fame (vocals, organ)
Tex Makins (bass)
Peter Coe (sax)
Speedy Acquaye (percussion)

Micky Waller (drums)
Micky only stayed a couple of months in the band, until September 1964, as he had another offer...


In November 1964, Brian Auger reforms his group The Trinity, and Micky joins him.

They only recorded 2 singles. Soon after, they are joined by a new member:

In April 1965, the group evolves into a new band, The Steampacket:

Their recordings, made in December 1965, were never to be available, but after Rod Stewart's success (with Faces and later solo career), the recordings were released in 1973. Since then, the album has been reissued under different titles. It happens the same with several obscure recordings by people under the influence of the same manager, Giorgio Gomelski (The Yardbirds, Jimmy Page, Brian Auger, etc. - see later the sessions section). I like this album, it's has a very distinctive 60s sound.

It seems that Rod Stewart's Storyteller box set must contain some other material from that group, but I'm not sure.

In April 1966, Rod Stewart leaves, and the band disbanded.


Most of The Steampacket remained as the nucleus of a new band, Brian Auger - Julie Driscoll & The Trinity:

He left them, and joined John Mayall's Bluesbreakers, only during a few gigs, in April 1967.

Micky took the place while Mayall looked for a permanent drummer. He soon was replaced by Mick Fleetwood. This later Bluesbreakers lineup was the seed for the future group Fleetwood Mac.


Around 1967-68, Micky played with the Walker Brothers, a fantastic group.


Around that same period 1967-68, Micky also played with great composer and singer Cat Stevens.


In August 1967, Waller joins Jeff Beck Group, with former bandmate Rod Stewart:

(superb lineup! From left to right: Jeff Beck, Rod Stewart, Micky Waller, Ron Wood)
(superb lineup! From left to right: Ron Wood, Micky Waller, Rod Stewart)
(click on the photo to get a bigger image, 44 Kbs.)

There are some guest musicians in the Truth album: Nicky Hopkins on piano, John Paul Jones (from Led Zeppelin), Keith Moon (from The Who). Many people can say it's a bit rough, but I love this album, from the Yardbirds re-working "Shapes of things" till last chord in last track. Beck was opening the way for Led Zeppelin. There is even some common track in both albums. But remember... Beck album was first! I'm a big Led Zep fan, but Beck was always special to me.

(this is the cover of a 2in1 CD, assembling Truth and Beck-Ola)

Apart from that album, from this lineup, there's an additional song "I've been drinking", recorded with this lineup, plus Madeline Bell on vocals. It is the B-side of "Tallyman" single (Jul 67), and it's contained in Beckology. This 3CD box set contains appearances from almost every musician that has stayed in Beck bands. I'll only mention the ones in my Olympus: Micky Waller, Nicky Hopkins (around 68), Simon Phillips (around 1980), Aynsley Dunbar (around 67), Max Middleton (around 1971-72, and later again around 1975), Tony Newman (around 1968), Cozy Powell (around 1971-1972), Bobby Tench (around 1971-1972). Oh, you have discovered me! My Olympus comes from Beck bands! [Surprise: there is even two bands with more members in my Olympus than Beck band. Who knows the answer? :)]

For a short time, Ron Wood is fired from the band (from March to June 68):

But Wood is back again in June 1968: In August 1968, Nicky Hopkins starts collaborating playing live with the band (as I've told before, there was a track in Truth where he already played, a live track). He finally join full time in October 1968, instead of joining Led Zeppelin (his other offer at that time): While being a member of the band, Micky did two or three gigs with Jimi Hendrix, with Jeff Beck on bass, in New York! Hey, who was there? Any tape? :)

BRIAN JONES projected band  

When Brian Jones left The Rolling Stones, he made plans to form his own band, and called Micky to be the drummer in it. Micky went down to visit him in Sussex two days before he had his sad accident in 1969.

HAIR stage version  

In 1969, Micky was musical director of the musical 'Hair' for a short time and he played on the opening night in London.


In February 1969, Waller leaves Jeff Beck Group, to join Steamhammer:

As far as I know, they didn't make any recording while Micky was in the group.


But he left the group on the same year, 1969. Micky joins Leigh Stephens (guitar in Blue Cheer) in another band, Silver Metre:

As far as I know, they only recorded one eponymous album, Silver metre, before splitting.


They break the band in November 1970. Leigh Stephens and Micky form another band, Pilot:

The band split the same year, 1971, or maybe in 1972, I'm not sure. There's a 2nd album, called Point of view, released after the band was over, and probably not including Leigh Stephens and Martin Quittenton there.

Their first album, Pilot includes a guest appearance by Ray Cooper (percussion).

Note: this band shouldn't be confused with another later Scottish band with the same name, formed by Ian Bairnson (guitar), David Paton (bass), the late Billy Lyall (keyboards) and Stuart Tosh (drums). They had great hits like "Magic" and "January", but you can be sure they're not the same band.


Micky rejoins his old mate Long John Baldry for a tour in the States in 1971.

After the tour, only the great Ian Armit remained with Long John Baldry, who formed a new band in the winter of 1971 (with Denny Ball).


In 1972 he joins Andy Bown band. Andy Bown was a member of The Herd, as well as being a long time member of Status Quo. But he'll have his own pages in my site sometime later.

They stayed together only that year. The album Gone to my head includes guest appearances from Peter Frampton (Andy Bown's bandmate in The Herd), Jimmy Horowitz (keyboards) and a superb vocal section: Lesley Duncan, Caroline Attard & Liza Strike.


Mike Hugg was the drummer in Manfred Mann, and later singer in avant-garde band Manfred Mann Chapter Three. He recorded two solo albums (we can read about them in Micky Waller sessions page). But in 1972, he also formed a live band to promote them, with some of the musicians that appeared in the 2nd album:

They appeared in Radio Bremen's Beat Club TV program (I have a tape of that!).

GEORGIE FAME (again)  

Again, Micky played with Georgie Fame along the seventies, but don't know when or the lineup.

where was he?  

Any help, please?


Next thing I know from Micky is that he joined Deluxe Blues Band, with a former member of early Fleetwood Mac in the lineup, Bob Brunning:

I don't know if they had a continous life as a band, or if they rejoined from time to time, but as far as I know, Micky appears (at least), in three of their albums: Street car named De Luxe appeared in 1981. Motorvating was released in 1988, it was produced by Mike Vernon, and it included guest appearance of the mythical Dick Heckstall-Smith on sax.

Does anybody know if Motorvating is the same album as The De Luxe Blues Band in 1988. Sorry, I've never seen that album!

Does anybody know if Micky plays in the other albums by the band?


Terry Smith, original guitarist in If, formed his own Blues Band in 1982, with the great, late singer Jo Ann Kelly, as well as veterans Tony Ashton and Micky.

Don't know how much time they were together.


After playing together in Terry Smith Blues Band, Tony Ashton got Micky for playing in his forthcoming album.

The Live in the studio album was recorded, as its name indicates, live in a studio. With Davy O'List, former guitarist in The Nice. Micky plays drums on all tracks, except one (where Rod Johnstone plays).


This fun-band was assembled by Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts, and great long-time Rolling Stones friend and pianist, the late Ian 'Stu' Stewart. They were a big band, with no stable lineup. Can't say the exact period, although they were active from the late seventies to Ian Stewart's death. I put here some of the musicians I know used to play with them.

They released an album, but I think Micky doesn't play there, being Charlie Watts the only drummer in the album. Can anybody confirm me that?

While with Rocket 88, he played with veteran bluesmen Jimmy Witherspoon and Buddy Guy.

GEORGIE FAME (again)  

As I've told before, Micky played again with Georgie Fame along the early eighties, but don't know when or the lineup.


For a while, some veteran musicians of the British blues scene played together.


Flaco Jimenez is an amazing accordion player who has earned the reputation of being "the Jimi Hendrix of the accordion". In 1986, Micky went to play with Flaco for a while.


In the late eighties, Micky was in veteran British band, Chicken Shack. While he was here, he played with Eric Clapton.


In the early eighties, Micky went to play with Chuck Berry for an European tour.


Up to 1995, Micky had his own band in Italy with great sax player Dick Heckstall-Smith.

And then?...  

I don't know more things about Micky groups. Can anybody help me? I have an anotation by myself about Mick playing with a band called Deadly Serious, but I wrote this note more than 10 years ago, and now I can't remember it, sorry!


He has been playing occasionally with his own band from 1993 to 1997, but they haven't released any album. Don't know the lineup.

And now?...  

He occasionally sits in with other bands and did a recording session with Paul McCartney earlier in 1998.



Great news! Micky is playing again with some friends at The Eel Pie Club, at The Cabbage Patch Pub, 67 London Road, Twickenham, Middx. On DECEMBER 4th 2002 8.00/8.30pm. This is the text of the whole info I've got:

"Ex Rod Stewart and Jeff Beck drummer plays 'One off' show at The Eel Pie Club, at The Cabbage Patch Pub, London Road, Twickenham on: Wednesday Dec 4th 2002 / 8.30pm.

Mickey Waller is probably most famous for his excellent drumming performances with The Jeff Beck Group and Rod Stewart's solo albums during the 1960s - not least including chart topping recoords: 'Maggie May', 'You Wear It Well' and 'Hi Ho Silver Lining'.

Mickey can also boast one of the most impressive lists of artists that he has played with such as: The Rolling Stones (Chatham Town Hall 1964), Marty Wilde, Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, Georgie Fame, Alan Price and a rare USA performance with Jimi Hendrix and Jeff Beck playing bass guitar!

On Wednesday December 4th Mickey is to play a 'One Off' show at Twickenham's Eel Pie Club, the same venue that surprised an unsuspecting audience with a guest appearance from Ronnie Wood, not so long ago.

The show is not aimed at being a celebrity showcase but a unique opportunity to join an evening of the Rock 'n Roll / Rhythm 'n Blues that planted so many of the great aforementioned artists so firmly at the top of today's Rock 'n Roll family tree.

Mickey's band currently features his Drummer friend Mark Freeman on Rhythm Guitar, - Noel Brown (See Graham Parker's early Rumour albums) on Lead & Slide guitar, Keith Grant of The Legendary Downliner Sect plays Bass Guitar and Brian Short (From Paul Kossof- former free guitarist's original band 'The Black Cat Bones') on Keyboards. Other, unnamed guests are also expected to appear.

Do not miss this great opportunity to join what is likely to be a 'One Off' and memorable evening.

Admission: £ 7 (£5 Eel Pie Club Members) Enquiries to: 020 8892 6763"

(My note: you should check it out with the venue. I just include the info as I got it)

I just wish I could be there! If someone reading this is going to attend the gig, I'd love to see some photos and a review!


In 2004, Micky is playing again with his All Star Band. They are playing on Monday, April 12th, 2004, at the Bull's Head, Lonsdale Road, Barnes, in London. It'll happen at 8:15 PM (approx.).

I don't have info about the lineup, but his band usually comprised fantastic veterans from mythical bands (Graham Parker Band, Downliners Sect, Black Cat Bones, etc.). Special guests will also appear. Telephone 01784 460094 for details.

(My note: you should check it out with the venue. I just include the info as I got it)


There is a younger Mickey Waller guy. He used to perform with the Heavy Metal Kids band. But they're not the same musician. I speak about this group in my page about Danny Peyronel.


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