WHAT WAS NEW in these pages in 2000

00.11.08 -

Greenslade (the band) are back! They have recorded a new album, to be released very soon, and they're going to start playing gigs in England this same month.

This is the lineup for live concerts:

Dave Greenslade (keyboards)
Tony Reeves (bass)
John Young (keyboards, vocals) (ex-Asia, also a member of Quango)
John Trotter (drums) (from Manfred Mann Earth Band)

Gigs are:  November

22 - Wavendon, The Stables
23 - Wolverhampton - Robin Hood 2
24 - London - Astoria, Charing Cross Rd
25 - Southampton, Brook
26 - Tavistock - The Warf

More gigs to come in Feb. 2001.

Soon, more details in my forthcoming pages on Tony Reeves...

00.10.20 - Added a new album cover for Clem Clempson (Spyglass guest). Thanks to Alex Gitlin. 
- Added a new album in the pages for Tim Renwick, Mick Wayne and John Cambridge (Bowie at the Beeb). 
00.09.05 - Added an album for Cozy Powell (Who the am dam do you think we am?). 
00.09.04 - Added a session for Mike Kellie (Pat Travers). I've always had this album, but I didn't remember Kellie playing there!

00.09.02 - Added changes about the old lineups in Colosseum for Clem Clempson
00.09.01 - A long time without updates. I've been doing extensive 'internal' work with the pages, as well as working on new ones that will soon see the light of day, hopefully! 
00.07.31 - Changes in Neil Murray's current band, Company Of Snakes. Gary Barden joins the band. 
00.07.30 - I've started revamping my pages. I've already changed the musicians indexes, as well as I've started using a "new format" for Clem Clempson. I hope you'll like the new approach. You're welcomed for opinions about the new look. I've tried to make shorter, faster pages. The images won't load unless you ask for them, and I'll be dividing long texts into several separate pages for each musician. 
00.07.26 - A sad reason for updating one of my pages: vocalist Paul Young (from Sad Cafe and Mike + The Mechanics fame) died last week. Special thanks to Mike Barton. 
- I'm back from my first vacation period this year. Thanks for visiting the site! 
00.06.13 - Added a new session for Neil Murray (The Friday Rock Show Sessions). 
00.06.12 - Added info about a Tony Ashton Benefit Concert to be held in London, with Geoff Whitehorn, Micky Moody, Bernie Marsden and more. 
00.06.06 - Added a new album cover for Aynsley Dunbar (Winds of change). 
00.06.05 - Added a new album cover for Bobby Tench (Call me by my name). 
00.06.04 - Added a new photo for Aynsley Dunbar (with Jefferson Starship). Special thanks to Mike Tolan. 
- Added a new album cover for Clem Clempson (Painted desert serenade). 
00.06.02 - Added a new photo for Neil Murray (in Whitesnake). 
00.06.01 - Added a new album cover for Jeff Beck (Fender - 50th Anniversary guitar legends). 
00.05.31 - Added several album covers for Aynsley Dunbar (Eddie Boyd and his blues band / Modern times / Blues magnet). Special thanks to Mike Tolan. 
- Added a new album cover for Jeff Beck (Blue eyed blues). 
00.05.29 - Added two new album covers for Geoff Whitehorn (Geoff Who? and Big in Gravesend). 
00.05.09 - Added a new musician in The Musicians' Olympus: powerful bassist Jimmy Bain
00.04.26 - Added an album cover for Neil Murray, Cozy Powell, Denny Carmassi and Aynsley Dunbar (Whitesnake Greatest Hits). 
00.04.18 - Added a new album cover for Andy Pyle (Live at the Marquee). Thanks to Alex Gitlin. 
- One more band for John Gustafson (Poor-Mouth). 
00.04.14 - Added a new album cover for Andy Pyle (Dirty fingers). Thanks to Alex Gitlin. 
- Added one more band for Cozy Powell (Gary Moore & Friends). 
00.04.12 - Added a new album cover for Clem Clempson (The Scrubbers session - alternate cover). 
00.04.11 - Added a new album cover for Jens Johansson (Infinite) plus some new photos. 
00.04.10 - Added a new credit for Neil Murray (Exit within). Thanks to Alex Sidorov. 
- Added a new credit for Cozy Powell (The light inside). 
00.04.08 - Added a new credit for both Neil Murray and Jim Copley (Vive la ka bum). Thanks to Alex Sidorov. 
- Added a new album for Chris Mercer (Snakes and ladders). 
00.03.16 - Added a new album for Mick Weaver (Riding on the crest of a slump). 
00.03.15 - Three new album scans for by Tommy Eyre (Riff Raff / Original man / Zzebra), as well as 3 new photos (Tommy + Zzebra). 
00.03.14 - Added a new photo for Clem Clempson. Thanks again to Alex Gitlin. 
- One more album scan for Tommy Eyre and Jeff Beck (Panic). 
00.03.12 - One more album scan for John Gustafson (Cool water). 
00.03.11 - Two new albums and scans for Tommy Eyre (Outside looking in / Take it or leave it). 
00.02.28 - Five new album scans for Clem Clempson (Smokin' / Beautiful dreams / Red House / As time goes by / Cover shot). Special thanks to great fan Alex Gitlin. 
- LOTS of new session credits for Clem Clempson
00.02.18 - Five more albums for Doreen Chanter (Rhapsody / International Pop Proms / A little potty / Cry for no one / United).
Very special thanks to Arne Rasmussen. 
- Added a new album for Clem Clempson and Laurence Cottle (Time marches on). 

00.02.12 - Included one more album featuring Jimmy McCulloch (Previous convictions).Very special thanks to Reggy Tan. 
- Added a new soundtrack for Clem Clempson (Notting Hill). Thanks to Dave. 
- Finally, the complete lineup of the Ken Hensley Band with Clem Clempson is unveiled! Special thanks to Steve Skovran. 
- A sad thing to report: guitarist 'Lonesome' Dave Peverett died yesterday. Rest in peace. 
00.02.06 - Modified some info about Cozy Powell and Clem Clempson (Cozy was never in Bakerloo). Special thanks to Jeff Watt. 
- Added a new album cover for Ian Mosley (Fugazi remastered album).

00.02.03 - Included 3 more album scans for Jimmy McCulloch (Hollywood Dream / At the speed of sound / McGear). Special thanks to great fan Alex Gitlin. 
- Added a new album and scan for Mick Grabham (BBC live in concert). Thanks to Alex Gitlin. 
- One more soundtrack for Clem Clempson (Message in a bottle).

00.01.29 - Included one more album for Jimmy McCulloch (BBC Radio 1 live in concert). Special thanks to great fan Alex Gitlin. 
- Added a new album scan for Cozy Powell and Walt Monaghan (First starring role). Thanks to Alex Gitlin. 

00.01.27 - Included one more album featuring Jimmy McCulloch and Denny Laine (Wide prairie). 

00.01.26 - Included more info on Nick Pentelow (early band Gypsies Kiss). Very special thanks to John Cooper.  

00.01.25 - Corrected an error for Stevie Lange. Very special thanks to Randy Hammon.  

00.01.24 - Included more sessions for Stevie Lange (Gatecrashing / Backtrack). Special thanks to Richard Breakfree Anderson. 
- Added new info and albums for John Gustafson (with The Pirates). Special thanks to Bernard Futter. 

00.01.18 - Included lots of new info on Peter Arnesen. Special thanks to Sven Gusevik and Alex Gitlin. 
- Corrected an omission about Denny Laine (lineup for Denny Laine Band). Very special thanks to Mike Piggott. 
- Corrected an error about Clem Clempson (he was never a member of Greenslade, but played in one album). Special thanks to John Huckerby. 
- Added info about Miller Anderson (The Scenery and Karl Stuart & The Profiles). Special thanks to Justin Purington. 
- Added a new album for Colin Hodgkinson (Boogie and the beat). Very special thanks to Arne Rasmussen. 
- HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone! Again, a new year in The Musicians' Olympus.

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