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03.12.15 - I'm happy to say that I finally attended Greg Ridley Tribute Concert. As soon as I have some time (sorry), I'll write a review of the event, also including lots of photos of most of the acts that played there. Hey, I finally met some of his heroes in person! Clem Clempson, Geoff Britton, Ken Hensley, Graham Foster, Steve Emery, and others! A dream come true! 

03.12.11 - Following Greg Ridley's death, his friends musicians have organized a tribute concert to be held in Spain (see link below for more details). It'll be held in Benissa, near Javea, on Sunday 14th of December.

I've just got confirmation from Clem Clempson that he'll travel to play in the concert. Other people appearing will be:

From my Olympus list:

Plus: The concert will see the reunion of Major Blues Band (Graham Foster, Steve Emery & Geoff Britton), as well as a performance from The Rockets.

This is a link to a website with updated info about the concert, ticket sales, list of players, etc.: http://www.javea24hrs.com/gregridley/index.html.

03.11.19 - I'm very sad to announce that Greg Ridley, bassist in Spooky Tooth, Humble Pie or Strange Brew has died today, here in Spain. A very powerful player, with a great presence onstage. He's mentioned in my pages about Clem Clempson, Bobby Tench, Mike Kellie, Tim Hinkley, Cozy Powell, Keith Boyce (all of them played in bands with Steve), as well as sharing album credits with Pat Donaldson. Special thanks to Lynda Crockett.

This is a link to Greg's official site, so everyone who wants can write a tribute to him: http://www.gregridley.com/.

03.11.18 - Another member of my Olympus has left us: keyboardist, composer and arranger Michael Kamen. I first heard of him, appearing in David Bowie's live album 'David Live'. Next thing was appearing in Roger Waters album and tour in 1984. Since then, he worked mostly composing fabulous soundtracks, but also acting as orchestra arranger and conductor for his friend Eric Clapton, or in the orchestral album by Metallica, 'S&M". My page about him is quite incomplete anyway, based only on his rock projects, as it's a hard task trying to compile the list of all his soundtracks.

03.11.12 - Tony Thompson, the very powerful drummer in Chic and The Powerstation, has died today. Well, half of Powerstation has died in less than 2 months... (Robert Palmer was their original singer). Tony Thompson played with the reformed Led Zeppelin in the 80s, and I thought he was perfect for the job, no matter what many people thought.

03.11.05 - Bobby Hatfield, half of duo Righteous Brothers (along with Bill Medley) has left us today. I always enjoyed their songs.

03.09.26 - As with Robert Palmer, we've had another loss today. Guitar virtuoso Shawn Lane has passed away. I love his albums with Jonas Hellborg (especially 'Elephant talk', with Kofi Baker), MVP (the album 'Centrifugal funk' is simply incredible), as well as some of his solo albums, such as 'Powers of Ten'. He was only 40.

03.09.26 - Great singer Robert Palmer has sadly died today in Paris. He was singer in Alan Bown Set, Dada, Vinegar Joe and Powerstation, as well as developing a succesful solo career. He is mentioned in my pages about Steve York, Tim Hinkley, Rob Tait, Conrad Isadore, John Hawken, Junior Marvin and Keef Hartley.

03.08.18 - Johnny Cash, a legend of country music, has passed away today. The first song I heard by him was his biggest hit 'Ring of fire'. Then, I bought his live album from San Quentin, and I also enjoyed his contribution to Bob Dylan's "Nashville Skyline" album: that beautiful duet in 'Girl from the North Country', where I could enjoy the contrast of both voices.

03.09.07 - Another sad loss. Singer Warren Zevon has left us today. He was author to many hits for himself and other people, such as Linda Ronstadt. His most known song is 'Werewolves of London', but my favourite one was 'Charlie's Medicine'.

03.08.18 - Tony Jackson, fantastic vocalist and bassist in my beloved The Searchers in their best period, has died today.

03.07.25 - Another member of Iron Butterfly has died. This time is founding member Erik Braunn, best remembered for their hit 'In-a-gadda-da-vida'.

03.06.06 - Dave Rowberry, who replaced Alan Price as organist in The Animals, was found dead today. He had previously played in The Mike Cotton Sound. He played in sessions with Phil Palmer, Phil Chen, Nick South, Clem Cattini, Ed Deane, and can be found in my pages about Tim Hinkley, Ed Spevock and Jim Frank.

03.05.30 - Another mythical producer has died: the great Mickie Most. He worked with many artists in his record label Rak, and he used to have Cozy Powell as the house drummer in many of those early productions. He is mentioned in my pages about Kevin Westlake, John Hawken, Jeff Beck, Aynsley Dunbar.

03.05.11 - Another legend leaves us: Noel Redding, bassist from The Jimi Hendrix Experience. He also played in Fat Mattress with Mick Weaver. He already appeared in my pages about Don Airey, Paul Young, Mike Finnigan, Ken Laws, Cozy Powell, Neil Murray, Aynsley Dunbar.

03.05.07 - Exquisite, great guitarist Martin Jenner has died today. He played in sessions with some of the Olympus musicians: Chris Mercer, Mick Weaver, Graham Jarvis, Mel Collins, Mo Foster, Mark Griffiths, Dave Mattacks, Eric Clapton, Dann Huff, Pete Wingfield, Andy Bown, Dyan Birch, Chas Cronk, Ray Jackson, Steve Gregory, Morris Pert, Liza Strike, Albert Lee, Clive Chaman, Pat Donaldson, Dave Markee, Simon Phillips, Henry Spinetti, Jim Gannon, Pete Solley, Gary Taylor, Katie Kissoon, John Lingwood, Tim Renwick, Geoff Whitehorn, Richard Brunton, Hugh Burns, John G. Perry, Barry St. John, Phil Palmer, Mike Piggott, Ian Bairnson, Max Middleton, Dick Morrissey, and a long etcetera. He also played in the solo album by the great, late Jim Dewar.

03.04.20 - Again, personal commitments don't allow me to find free time to work in the website. Checking my mail is also a task that I can't do too often now, sadly. The messages are being received and welcomed, but I won't be able to reply them for a while, so I just can ask for patience. Thanks to all the people who writes me. I'll reply to you, sooner or later...

03.04.17 - Added a new musician in The Musicians' Olympus, the first proper addition in 3 years (sorry, guys and gals): superb bassist Steve York. His resume looks like a rock encyclopedia. He has played with hundreds of great players. Please, check it out.

03.04.16 - I've revamped the musicians indexes, as they've grown a lot, so I've added shortcuts to initial letters, etc. I hope you'll find it useful.


03.04.15 - I need to make a change in the website, as I'm keeping many almost-finished pages hidden. Some pages have been "in the works" for 3 years (this is the case for my pages on Don Airey, Rudy Sarzo, or Bernie Marsden, just to name a few ones). So, the time to make them (almost) all available has come! These are the new pages added, organized by instrument:

Vocals: Reuben Archer, Aliki Ashman, Caroline Attard, Graham Bell, Jess Cox, Noosha Fox (aka Susan Traynor), Mick Greenwood, Keith Murrell.

Guitar: Herbie Armstrong, Dave Ball, Robbie Blunt, Richard Brunton, Jim Cregan, Jim Gannon, Brian Godding, Micky Keene, John Knightsbridge, John Lockton, Bernie Marsden, Junior Marvin (aka Junior Kerr, aka Junior Hanson), Ray Minhinnet, Geoff Nicholson, Barry Reynolds, Ray Russell, Steve Simpson, John Turnbull, Victor Unitt, Larry Wallis, Dave Wendells, Kenny Young, Ivan Zagni.

Bass: Jim Avery, Andy Brown, Louis Cennamo, Andy Colquhoun, Ian Ellis, Tony Franklin, Colin Gibson, Paul Gurvitz, Chas Hodges, Bruce Lynch, Tex Makins, Rocky Newton, Tony Reeves, Bob Ronga, Rudy Sarzo.

Keyboards: Don Airey, Derek Austin, Brian Chatton, Rod Edwards, Morgan Fisher, Charlie Hart, Tim Hinkley, Jimmy Horowitz, Jimmy Lascelles, Gary Moberley, Chris Parren, Virgil Weber.

Violin: Dave Arbus.

Drums: Ron Berg, Keith Boyce, Craig Collinge, Jim Frank, Bryson Graham, Steve Hopgood, Conrad Isadore, Ken Laws, Mac Poole, Alan Rushton, Jeff Seopardie, Ed Spevock, Rob Tait, Pete Thompson, Adrian Tilbrook, Kevin Westlake.

Percussion: Speedy Acquaye, Nana Tsiboe.

Horns: Ron Caines, Dave Caswell, Keith Gemmell, Lyle Jenkins, Jack Lancaster, Bernie Living, Mike Paice, Raf Ravenscroft, Dave Winthrop.

So, you can see I haven't been idle. Most of the texts are finished (even if some need to be updated: guys like Jim Cregan, Bernie Marsden, Steve Simpson, Don Airey, Tony Franklin, Morgan Fisher and Tony Reeves keep themselves very busy), but I haven't had time to scan album covers, photos from magazines, etc. I just hope you'll find them interesting anyway.

03.03.27 - Another musician from my Olympus list has left us today: great guitarist Chris Michie, who played with Van Morrison for some years. A great loss, I must say.

03.03.13 - Ian Samwell has died today. Samwell worked with Cliff Richard in his early days, but also was a famed producer, having worked with Bobby Tench and Aynsley Dunbar, among others. He was in my list of producers to pay tribute in my site.

03.02.23 - Howie Epstein, bassist from Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, has died. A very solid player.

03.01.12 - Maurice Gibb, from Bee Gees, has died today. I always enjoyed them, especially their 70s albums.

03.01.11 - Another legendary musician has died. He's Mickey Finn, who was part of T. Rex. It seems this band has some black legend, as several of their musicians have died.


03.01.01 - HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone! Again, a new year in The Musicians' Olympus. As you'll have noticed, 2002 was a year when I couldn't work in my site, so let's hope this one will let me have more free time to dedicate to it.

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