WHAT WAS NEW in these pages in 1998

98.12.31 - Added some sessions for Cozy Powell (Super Drumming) and Micky Waller (Langspil). A very BIG thanks to Arne Rasmussen. 
- Added many sessions and albums (again) for Colin Hodgkinson and Miller Anderson. A very BIG thanks to Arne Rasmussen. 
- Added details about the new, post-humous album by Cozy Powell .Also included in the Neil Murray sessions pages. Special thanks to my friend Alex Gitlin. 
- Added a new, big photo of Micky Waller with Jeff Beck
98.12.16 - Added a photo of Cozy Powell with Rainbow. 
98.12.15 - Added a photo of Clem Clempson with Colosseum. 
98.12.14 - Added one more credit for Bobby Tench (Stratavarious). He played under pseudonym in the album. Thanks to Michael Peto-Shepherd. 
- Again, lots of problem with my Internet connection and, most of all, with my mail address. I've lost all the messages sent since beginning of December. Sorry! If someone wrote me, please re-send it again. I don't know what to do with it, I'm devastated! :(

I've been revamping my index page. I hope it'll look finer now. 

98.12.12 - Added a new session for Denny Laine (Guitar Zeus II - Channel Mind Radio). 
98.12.10 - Added a new album for Aynsley Dunbar (Fire on the moon). 
- Added more photos for Cozy Powell and Colin Hodgkinson
98.11.16 - Added more info on a brand new album where Bobby Tench plays ('Call me by name', by Ruby Turner). With an amazing lineup!! Also added two singles on his discography. Thanks to Michael Peto-Shepherd. 
- Added two more album covers for Peter Green (The end of the game and Blues guitar). 
98.11.10 - Added a big live photo for Rick Wills (with Bad Company). 
98.11.09 - Hey, first solo album by Colin Hodgkinson!!! Special thanks to Mikael Jansson. 
- New album featuring  Ian Mosley (Radiation, by Marillion). Also added info about a session (Sally Oldfield). 
98.11.01 - Added many sessions and albums for Colin Hodgkinson. A very BIG thanks to Arne Rasmussen. 
- More new photos for Denny Laine & Jimmy McCulloch (Wings and a big live photo of Stone the Crows). 
98.10.28 - I've started a new section, called Where are they? I try to find answers to questions sent to me by people who visit this site. Please, check it out, to see if you can help us knowing about the current whereabouts of some great musicians, who seem to have been 'vanished'. 
98.10.27 - Added a new photo for Danny Peyronel (with Dee Snider, singer in Twisted Sister). 
- Big updates on the pages about Miller Anderson. Special thanks to Justin Purington, Alan King, Gary Paranzino. I've also added more photos and scans. Thanks, as always, to my friend Alex Gitlin. 
- Added info about artist Shawn Phillips in my pages about Caleb Quaye and John Gustafson. Special thanks to Jean Boissonneault. 
- Added info about Kai Olsson in my pages about Mick Grabham. I've also corrected some mistakes in the pages about Caleb Quaye. Special thanks for all to Noreen Romano. And you can find a new, big photo with Elton John Band. 
98.10.18 - Added a new page, my tribute to the much-missed Rory Gallagher
98.10.16 - Added info about the last album where Danny Peyronel appears (a 2CD tribute to Cheap Trick). 
98.10.10 - Added more scans and some additional info for John Gustafson, now that I've finally got Ian Gillan Band remastered CDs.
98.10.09 - Added more scans and some additional info for Micky Waller, now that I've finally got Rod Stewart remastered CDs. 
98.10.05 - Added more info about Clem Clempson sessions (brand new album by Chris Farlowe), and especially, soundtracks. Thanks to Tapani Taka. 
- Added lots of album scans for Bobby Tench. Also, added a complete singles and album discography. Thanks to my friend Alex Gitlin for so much work he does for me. 
- Sorry, the site (and e-mail) has been 'frozen' for almost a month, as I've changed my computer, and I've needed to make too many changes to be back on the work again. 
98.09.02 - Added more photos for both Neil Murray and Cozy Powell. I think some of them are quite interesting (Strange Brew and early Whitesnake). 
98.08.31 - Added a new musician, the wonderful guitarist and singer Denny Laine
98.08.27 - Lots of new scans for the Neil Murray and Cozy Powell pages. Special thanks to my friend Alex Gitlin. 
- Lots of additional info on Micky Waller biography and sessions. Special thanks to Rod Bryan. 
- More credits for the prolific Chris Mercer (Gerry Lockran, Mike D'Abo, Man), Clem Clempson (Rod Argent, Jackie Lynton). 
98.08.24 - Added new info about Miller Anderson early career. Special thanks to Sven Gusevik. 
- I've re-arranged my pages about Danny Peyronel. Check them out again! 
98.08.22 - Finally, I've finished a new page. It's about fantastic keyboardist Mick Weaver (aka Wynder K. Frog). 
98.08.21 - More album scans for Chris Mercer (In your mind and Pretenders II). 
98.08.20 - Fresh news about a new album by Cozy Powell!!! There will be a tribute album too. Thanks to my great friend Alex Gitlin for the info. 
- Updated the page about Aynsley Dunbar, with more photos and covers. Special thanks to Mike Tolan for all his help. 
- Added more CD scans for Peter Green page
98.06.17 - Updated info upon Paul Gilbert (Black Sheep). Special thanks to Janne Stark. 
- Added photos and the new Stratovarius album cover in the page about Jens Johansson. 
98.08.15 - Added additional info and CD covers for both Neil Murray (Fastway, Peter Green) and Cozy Powell (collective album with Rainbow), as well as more photos by them. 
- More info about Chris Mercer (some Gonzalez albums reissued on CD). Thanks to my friend Alex Gitlin. 
- Current info about John Gustafson projects. Thanks to Rafael Zamora. 
- Updated the page about Aynsley Dunbar, with more album covers (the ones with Eric Burdon), as well as a photo of Aynsley. Thanks to Mike Tolan. 
- Added lots of new info about lineups of Clem Clempson while in Jack Bruce Band along the 80s. Thanks to Graham Crawford & Tapani Taka. 
- Added additional info (lineups in the 80s and 90s, as well as more albums) for Bobby Tench. There's also a Cozy Powell tribute written by Bobby Tench. Thanks to Michael Peto-Shepherd. 
- I'm back! Oh, how I've missed this stuff!!! Soon, several updates and new pages. Thanks to all the people who has written me with info and support about my pages. But, please, I want more entries in my guestbook!!! 
98.07.04 - Well, I'm gone on vacation. But ... I'll be back!! (on 6/August). Till then, have a nice holiday! 
98.06.29 - More info about albums and sessions by Paul Gilbert (The Szuters & Black Sheep). Thanks to Janne Stark & Dia Orlowski. 
- Added a new page for superb drummer Keef Hartley. 
98.06.26 - Added additional info about Jimmy McCulloch (details about a solo single). Thanks to Tom 'BlackMonk'. 
- Added current info about Aynsley Dunbar, plus about some other sessions. Thanks to Mike Tolan & Hop. 
- Added additional info about Ric Grech (about his band Square Dancing Machine). Thanks to Mick White. 
- Added an additional session both for Ian Mosley and John Gustafson (Juan Martin). 
98.06.18 - Added more sessions for Cozy Powell (Ed Welch and Peter Sarstedt), as well as arranged the info about Forcefield. Thanks to Arne Rasmussen. 
- Added additional info and CD covers for both Neil Murray and Cozy Powell, about Guitar Legends and Black Sabbath. 
- Added lots of CD covers for Ken Hensley. 
- Updated some info about Rick Wills, plus a new CD cover included (Company of strangers). Thanks to Bry Carling. 
- Updated some info about Chris Mercer (album Watch your step). 
98.05.26 - It's been a long time, but I've finally added a new page, drummer Denny Carmassi
98.05.15 - Added more info for Chris Glen (Party Boys). Thanks to Joe Geesin
98.05.12 - Added more credits for Andy Pyle playing with Gary Moore (Live at the Marquee / Dirty fingers). Thanks to Ole-Johan Backman
98.05.04 - Added more CD covers in page about Ken Hensley. 
98.04.29 - Added photos in pages about Ken Hensley, Chris Mercer and Jens Johansson. 
98.04.28 - Added more photos in Cozy Powell and Jeff Beck pages. 
98.04.25 - Added a new page for keyboardist, guitar player and singer Ken Hensley
98.04.24 - Added a new session for Clem Clempson (Elkie Brooks). I had this album, and I didn't remember Clem was there! 
98.04.23 - Added photos and CD scans to pages for Peter Green and Jeff Beck.
98.04.22 - Added a new tribute page about keyboardist Jens Johansson.

98.04.21 - Current info added for Bobby Tench. Thanks to Lennart Hedenstrom and Michael Peto-Shepherd. 
- Brand new albums released from Miller Anderson (Celtic Moon) and Colin Hodgkinson (Lucky at cards). 
98.04.17 - Updated more info on Cozy Powell (Forcefield albums). Thanks to Jman and Carol Hynson.
98.04.16 - Added a new tribute page about Jeff Beck.

98.04.15 - More sessions and albums for Colin Hodgkinson. This provokes updates on pages by Micky Waller and Miller Anderson. Thanks (as always) to Mikael Jansson 
- Added a new page about Peter Green. I've also modified a bit my index page. 
98.04.07 - Added info about a new Jack Bruce album with Clem Clempson (Live on the Old Grey Whistle Test). Thanks to Tapani Taka for the info. 
- Cozy Powell has died. :( :( :( :( :( :( This is the worst reason for updating a page. God bless him. 
98.04.01 - Added a new page for bass player Rick Wills
98.03.31 - More sessions included for Paul Gilbert. Thanks to the Shred Baron for the info. 
98.03.30 - Added new photos on several pages: Ric Grech, Paul Gilbert, and a new album cover on Cozy Powell (Baptizm of fire)
98.03.27 - Added a new page for guitarist Paul Gilbert
98.03.26 - More info updated on Chris Mercer (about Juicy Lucy lineups). 
98.03.25 - Added new album covers to Clem Clempson (Bakerloo) and Mick Grabham (Cochise). Updated info on Chris Mercer, Miller Anderson and Andy Pyle
98.03.24 - Added a new session for Clem Clempson (an album for the band "Links"). Thanks to Thierry Miguet for the info. Also added some links to pages about Colosseum and Chris Farlowe. 
98.03.14 - Added some photos on several pages: Danny Peyronel, Mike Pinera, Jimmy McCulloch, Ric Grech, Chris Glen, Aynsley Dunbar, Chris Mercer, Clem Clempson and Caleb Quaye
98.03.13 - Finally, my site has its own logo (courtesy of my great friend Boris Shnitzer). 
98.03.10 - Added some photos on Miller Anderson page. 
98.03.06 - Added a new page for drummer Ian Mosley
98.03.05 - This page is new. :) 

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