The common thread is violin, even though they play it in very different ways and styles...

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Mike Piggott Gass / Denny Laine Band / Pentangle / Us / Ian Cruickshank´s Gypsy Jazz
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Scarlet Rivera Bob Dylan Band / Rolling Thunder Revue / Indigo Girls

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Dave Arbus East of Eden
Byron Berline Dillard & Clark / Dillard & The Expedition / Country Gazzette / Flying Burrito Bros
Papa John Creach Jefferson Airplane / Jefferson Starship / Papa John Creach Band
David Cross King Crimson
Jerry Goodman Mahavishnu Orchestra / The Warriors
Don Harris / ´Sugarcane´ Don & Dewey / Frank Zappa Band / John Mayall Band
Simon House High Tide / Third Ear Band / Hawkwind / David Bowie Band
Steve Kindler Mahavishnu Orchestra / Jan Hammer Group / The Warriors
David Laflamme It´s a Beautiful Day
Robin McKidd Rab Noakes Band / Alive & Picking / Balham Alligators / Chris Jagger Band
Joe O´Donnell Woods Band / Trees / East of Eden / Headstone / Henry McCullough Band
Jean-Luc Ponty HLP / Frank Zappa Band / Mahavishnu Orchestra / The Rite of Strings
Ric Sanders Soft Machine / Albion Band / Second Vision
Graham Smith  
Darryl Way Curved Air / Wolf
Gavyn Wright (sessions)

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