Why this section?

Since I started my website, I'm receiving messages from people who helps me with additional info, corrections, etc. (Hey, a BIG THANK YOU to all!!!). Some other people gives me suggestions for people to be included in the Olympus, and some other people ask me if I know the current whereabouts of some musicians, just because they were old friends who lost the contact with the years, or because they were simply fans of them. I try to do my best with it, but I've thought that some of the visitors here can also help. So, that's the reason why I'm starting this new section. I hope I'll get the same response here as I've got with my site. Again, thanks to all the people who has written me.

I already have some musicians to ask about:

April Lawton
Roger Pope
Lyn Dobson
Alan Ross
John Grimaldi
Neil Carter
I also write a short bio about them, for if it helps to refresh someone's memory... :)


She was a guitarist that played in the band Ramatam around 1972, along with Mike Pinera and Mitch Mitchell (ex-Jimi Hendrix Experience). They released a couple of albums, Ramatam (1972, Atlantic) and In April came the dawning (1973, Atlantic). In these albums, she sang and played guitar, plus bass and harmonica. Since then, I don't know more things about her.

[A personal note here for the guy who asked me that (R.J.W.). Please, write me again. I get an error every time I try to contact you!]


This great drummer someday will have his own page in my Olympus. But now, a relative of him is trying to locate him, that's why I've included it now in this section.

He has played in great bands such as Hookfoot (with Caleb Quaye), Kiki Dee, Hall & Oates, but his most famous work was being part of Elton John Band for several years. He played in lots of album by DJM record label. As a session man, he appears in dozens of albums, for people such as Cliff Richard, Ray Fenwick, Al Kooper, Al Stewart and Kevin Ayers. But last credits I've read from him are from 1984!! He came back to England by then.


This multi-talented horn player (played sax, flute, clarinet, even sitar!) was part of the mythical band Soft Machine, but he had been working before in many bands. He appears in albums by Georgie Fame, Alan Price, Manfred Mann (he was a member of the band from 1965 till 1966), Keef Hartley, Miller Anderson, John Martyn, Humble Pie, Iain Matthews, etc. I belong to a fantastic mailing list about Canterbury bands, called "What's rattlin' ?" (managed by Aymeric Leroy - hey, great work!!!), and a former bandmate of Lyn asked about him.


This guitarist commanded his own band Ross around 1974-75. They released two albums, Ross (1974, RSO) and Pit and the Pendulum (1975, RSO). He then changed the name to Alan Ross Band, and released some more albums, such as Are you free on Saturday night? (1977, Ebony), and Restless nights (1978, Ebony). He belonged to John Entwistle's solo band in 1973, along with Tony Ashton (keyboards) and Graham Deakin (drums). He appears in two Entwistle albums, Whistle rhymes (1972, Track) (along with Jimmy McCulloch) and Rigor Mortis Sets In (1973, Track). A friend of mine is a great fan of Alan, so he'd love to know what he's doing now.

I've seen some credits for a certain Alan Ross playing guitar, but I'd like to know if they're the same musician. I've seen his name in albums by George Michael, Spanish singer Miguel Bose, and Gary Barlow. Ejem, well, it's not exactly the same style he used to play... so that's why I'm not sure about being the same musician.


This guitarist joined Argent (along with John Verity), when original guitarist (and superb writer) Russ Ballard left the band to go solo. He played in last two albums by the band: Circus (1975, Epic) and Counterpoints (1975, RCA). John left the band at the beginning of 1976, just some months before they finally disbanded. Since then, I haven't read a word about him.


This great musician (keyboardist, although a fine guitarist and great singer) has been in Wild Horses (along with 'my' Olympus musicians Brian Robertson and Jimmy Bain), UFO. Later, he joined Gary Moore band. I saw him live with Gary Moore in Madrid in 1987, with a great lineup: Gary Moore (guitar, vocals), Neil Carter (guitar, keyboards, vocals), Bob Daisley (bass), Eric Singer (drums). But since he left Gary Moore's band around 1990 or so, I haven't heard of him. Where is he?

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