Heepsters Fun Art

The Less Than Humphries Swindlers #2- Rodrigo produces the new LHS line-up

The Less Than Humphries Swindlers #1- Alex guest's on the new LHS album

.....F**king who?- Alex of course, as seen by Vlad;-)))

Brothers Forever- Rodrigo is getting into sci-fi;-)

Madman- As viewed by Alex

Bernie's Brewery- Alex, this is disgusting;-)

Heeprotating Heads- Alex's hallucinations

Untitled- Alex foresees his future;-)))

Porn - watch out. :-)- Alex's view on Sonic Origami

Heepzilla Invades Myrtle Beach... HV 99 ! - How's this for a Heepster's Art from Rod the Hod?;-)))

A Fat Cannibal- Ilan had nothing better to do

MS Visual Faith 1.1- Alex shows his programming abilities;-)))

Gitlinson, Lake and Palmer - Alex a superstar, or just a big head?

A New Heep Member? - Alex's wishes, or maybe Vlad's;-)))

Innocent Winward - A Judgement by Alex

Heepsters Live 97' - A Great Heepsters Cover Art by Vlad

Aces High - High and Mighty Vladimir

Demons, Wizards and Alexes - Alex Dean

From Pint To Pint - Alex's hobby

Proud Birds - Alex gone mad

Visible Face- Beautiful Alex

Fun Heep Wallpaper - Finally some fine art from Alex

Alex for president!!! - Alex's Monetary House

Fallen Alex - by Gitlin Angel Art School graduates

Bobinog - the best ever by Vlad

A new Heep album - cover art by Vlad

Who's the bassist #1? - an atrocity by Alex

Who's the bassist #2? - one more atrocity by Alex

Raging Alex - needless to say who's the autor

The Great Walrus - thank you Alex !!!

Someone replaced my head - was it Alex that did it?

Alex The Paladin - by Alex

Free Beer , also by Alex

Alex's Free Spirit, or is it? - courtesy of Vlad

Guess who's the ballerina - one more of Alex

MSHensley Software - leave some space for others, Alex!

If you have a similar piece of art or you just want to make one, send it to Heepsters Fun Art and it will be displayed on this page

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Updated :13/12/98