1st Anniversary Heep Quiz 

Well, the quiz is over and we have our winners

The first prize goes to Tapio Minkkinen. Tapio aswered correctly 39 of the questions, and thus becomes the official Heep scholar and wins the
Ken Hensley's "Free Spirit" and David Byron's "Take No Prisoners" cd's,
plus a little surprise!!!

The runner-up is Rodrigo Werneck with 38 correct answers, and he gets the pair of Uriah Heep's "Best Of...",
Part 1 and Part 2 remastered cd's.

And, at the third place we find Kevin Julie with 34 correct answers!!!

A big THANKS to everyone who took a part in it.

It was fun!!!

And last, but not the least, I would like to thank Miguel Terol for helping me to make this quiz possible. Actually, he compiled all the questions, I merely put them online. So give a very big thanks to Miguel, and visit his MUSICIANS' OLYMPUS site.

And before all, Miguel wants to ask for excuses for 'weird' phrasing on several of the questions. "Sorry, but I did my best" - says Miguel, who is a Tarzan's disciple regarding English language. He also "studied" Slade albums to improve his English spelling, and that's the result of it.. Just 'coz.

And now to the answers!!!

Get wiser!!!


1. Who is the Heep guy who has played more times "In the summertime"?

"In the summertime" was a world-wide hit for pop band Mungo Jerry. Bob Daisley was a member of this band from 1973 to 1974. He appears in their album "Long legged woman dressed in black" (1974).

2. Who has been playing with The Voice himself, the one and only Tom Jones?

Chris Slade was the drummer in Tom Jones band around 1965. He is playing on a great Tom Jones hit single "It's not unusual".

3. Who has nothing to fear for having played several years with a pack of Rats?

The Rats was a band formed in Hull, and it contained the main core of what it became David Bowie's backing band The Spiders from Mars. Mick Ronson and Mick 'Woody' Woodmansey belonged to that band. So, the answer was Trevor Bolder, who spent more than 3 years playing side by side with ex-Rats musicians.

4. How many Heep guys have stayed some Blackmore's Night on the road?

Mark Clarke and Bob Daisley were in Rainbow with The Man in Black, Mr. Ritchie Blackmore, obviously, in different periods. Mark Clarke stayed in the band from January 1977 to July 1977, and Bob Daisley substituted him in August 1977, during some months.

5. Who is THE SWEETest guy ever involved in Heep? Be careful about how you read the question.

Phil Lanzon was a touring member for The Sweet in 1986, when he was invited to join Heep.

6. Which Heep guy has played in a Disney movie? Oh, well, maybe it wasn't a movie, but their name was so Disney-esque...

Ken Hensley played sessions in the album by glam-band Cinderella "Heartbreak station" in 1990.

7. Two past Heep singers shared a common name (for something related to music) at the same time, after leaving the band. You don't need to think too much to know which singers they are, but which one was the name they shared?

In 1988 Pete Goalby formed a new band, called Perfect Strangers. The same year, John Sloman released his one and only solo album, called "Perfect Stranger" (although it was released in some other countries as "Disappearances can be deceptive").

8. Sorry, this is a must! Which Heep musician was in a superb blues band before joining Heep? A clue for you all: he was bassist, and now he's sadly gone. Now you know the guy. Which was that band? (Dedicated to Alex)

Gary Thain, of course. The band was Keef Hartley Band. I repeat, a MUST!

The question was dedicated to Alex, who has a very good page about KHB in his fantastic and always interesting Alex's Picks: http://members.aol.com/UHEEP2/khb.htm

9. Which Heep guy originally came from down unda?

The late Gary Thain was from New Zealand. 'Down unda' is what people from Oceania use to refer to their countries. (check comments on page 21 of 'Time of revelation' box set, where we all can read that there was a special Heep compilation album called "Downunda").
Some of the participants say that also Phil Lanzon and Bob Daisley are from Australia (We didn't know!). So these answers also have been counted as correct.

10. Which Heep guy has played live with a Pink Floyd guy? Think, think, and remember, there are more Heep guys that maybe you don't remember easily.

Gregg Dechert, Heep keyboardist at the end of 1980, played in David Gilmour Band circa 1984, along with former Heep drummer, Chris Slade. (Thanks to Rodrigo and Tapio for reminding me about Chris Slade. I only remembered Dechert from those days).

11. Which Heep guy has been the Heavy Metal Kid by himself?

John Sinclair played in Heavy Metal Kids band around 1975, when he was suggested by Danny Peyronel as his own replacement in that band.

12. This one's easy too. Which Heep guy has played with a current Lynyrd Skynyrd member, and where?

Ken Hensley joined Blackfoot, the band leaded by guitarist Ricky Medlocke, now in the revamped Lynyrd Skynyrd.

13. Well, let's see who knows that. Which Heep guy has been a member of ... Supertramp?

Keith Baker, drummer in 1970, was drummer for Supertramp in their early days.

14. Another easy one. Which guy was an alien arachnid? Think, think...

Trevor Bolder was a member of Spiders from Mars, once David Bowie's backing band.

15. Which Heep member has recorded with a French group?

John Wetton produced (and recorded some demos) with French band Atoll in 1980. These tracks were included as bonus track in later reissues of their album "Rock puzzle". It's interesting knowing that some of those songs later resurfaced in first Asia album.

16. Which Heep member suffered from Blind Ambition? (not Visible Faith!) :) :)

Blind Ambition is the name of the band Lee Kerslake joined when he left Heep in 1979.

17. Why Rough Diamond band first task was to attend a trial even before starting their short career?

They had to settle the name issue with an existing group The Rough Diamonds from West London.

18. In which legendary band has spent most of his recent time old mate Mark Clarke (apart from Colosseum)?

Mountain. As far as I know, Mark Clarke plays in three Mountain albums: "Go for your life" (1985) and "Over the top" (1995), and "Man's world" (1997).

19. Another easy one. Which Heep member played in the original version of now-famous song 'Candle in the wind'?

Nigel Olsson, who was drummer for Elton John during more than 10 years.

20. Welcome my friends, to the show that never ends! When Paul Newton joined Gods, who was his predecessor?

Greg Lake, (later in King Crimson, ELP and Asia, of course).

I have to ask for excuses, because the question was misleading (although everyone guessed it). Lake wasn't Newton's predecessor, but his replacement.
These are the known bassists in The Gods:
John Glascock (1965 - Jun 1967)
Paul Newton (Sept 67 - ?)
Greg Lake (? - 1968)
John Glascock (again) (1968 - Feb 1969)
So due to my fault, any of these answers has been considered as correct.

21. As Vlad discovered, steel guitarist B.J. Cole plays in a Heep album. But he had also played at least in a studio album by a Heep member? Which member? No, Ken wasn't the 1st Heep member to release a solo album.

B.J. Cole plays in Nigel Olsson's album "Drum orchestra" (1971). Nigel was the first Heep member to have a solo album under his own name.

22. Which Heep member could sang the song "Circus" pretty well, as he had been sometime in a Trapeze? It's just a joke.

Pete Goalby was lead singer in Trapeze around 1981-1982 or so.

23. Which Heep member can you associate as having a Jack-Knife?

John Wetton had a band called Jack-Knife with old friend Richard Palmer-James. They released an album in 1979.

24. How many (and which ones) Heep members have played live with Mr. Iron Man? (be careful, there are more than you can expect).

'Iron man' is one of most famous Black Sabbath songs. Their singer, Ozzy Osbourne, had 3 Heep members in his band: Bob Daisley & Lee Kerslake (80-81), and John Sinclair (around 91 & now again in 98).

25. How many Heep musicians have played in studio with Wishbone Ash? Who?

Two bassists: Trevor Bolder and John Wetton.

26. Which was the relationship between Heep and Chris Mercer (played sax on 'Fallen angel')?

The correct answer is: They were under the same agency, Bron. So they met frequently in those offices. You can find the proof in an image, placed in page 8 of "Time of revelation" box set. Under the ad for Bron Agency, you can find Spice and Juicy Lucy (the group where Chris Mercer belonged to).

Along the years, Chris Mercer has played in several albums where some Heep musicians played, so we have considered any of them as correct. Let's see...
- Chris Mercer played in most of the albums released by Keef Hartley Band, where Gary Thain was a member.
- Chris Mercer played sessions for Chicken Shack album "Unlucky boy". Bob Daisley was a member of this great band at that time.
- Chris Mercer played in Martha Velez album "Friends and angels" where Gary Thain also played.

And it surely will be more coincidences, but can't remember more of them now.

27. Dedicated to all of you who don't like 80s pop. The Motels was a pop band from that age. But there's a direct connection with Heep history. Which one?

Brian Glascock, the drummer who replaced Lee Kerslake in Toe Fat, was the original drummer in 80s pop act The Motels.

28. Which is the connection between Ken Hensley and The Bee Gees? No, he didn't played with them...

When Ken left Toe Fat, he was replaced by Alan Kendall, who later was Bee Gees' guitarist during the 70s. Sorry, I know this one was difficult, but not everyone can win a Cannibal's prize. :) :)

29. U2 released an album called 'Joshua tree'. Let's make a slight change. In the Heep family tree, which is the Joshua connection?

Steff Fontaine came from a band called Joshua.

30. Not only Ken Hensley is credited in albums where he doesn't play. Ken works for a music company. But there is another Heep guy who now does the same. Who is he/she? Well, 'she' is put only to be politically correct, but there are no chances to find a 'she'-member [till now!] :) :)

Pete Goalby. He works for a guitar company, and he has been credited in several albums in the 'Thanks' section because of this fact.

31. Who has achieved more Stratus in a band? No, it's not an error, but a joke.

Bernie Shaw was singer in a band called Stratus.

32. No, we aren't speaking about horses. Which 2 members have been in a Grand Prix?

Both Bernie Shaw and Phil Lanzon were members of the band Grand Prix.

33. How many (and which ones) Heep members have been in Gary Moore's live bands?

There has been three Heep guys in Gary's bands. John Sloman, Bob Daisley and Chris Slade.

- John Sloman appears in the live album "Rockin' every night - Live in Japan".
- Bob Daisley appears as a full time member in "Wild frontier" and "After the war", although he has also played in some other Gary Moore albums (for example, "Still got the blues" and "After Hours").
- Chris Slade doesn't appear in any Gary Moore album, but he was Gary's drummer for part of the tour promoting "After the war" (with Bob Daisley) when Cozy Powell left the band.

34. Which member knew what it was to be living a Fable even before joining a superb band like Heep?

Fable was the name for a 70s band where Pete Goalby was the singer. As far as I know, they released a self titled album in 1973.

35. What is the relationship between a noted singer in the USA such as John Cougar, and our beloved band?

The song "Hot night in a cold town" (from Abominog) was in the John Cougar album 'Nothing Matters And What If It Did' from 1980.

36. Which famous hard-rock singer sang "That's the way that it is" prior to Heep version? For if there is more than one answer, let's state that he joined a very famous band just when another ex-Heep member left the same band. Think, think ... you have to think, that's the way that it is...

Graham Bonnet. He was lead singer in Rainbow just after Bob Daisley left them.

37. Dedicated to the Russian Heepsters. Who is the Czar of the Gunhill? :)

John Lawton, of course! He sang with Zar in 1990 and 1993, and his current band is called Gunhill.

38. Who can enjoy a Sumo grip? :) :)

John Lawton has released an album with his band Lucifer's Friend, called "Sumogrip".

39. Why some non-Heepsters can think a renowned actor such as Paul Newman was ever in our band?

Ha, because someone wrote Paul Newman as the original Heep bassist in the 'TOR' booklet. Watch page 49, and feel the shame!

40. And the last one ... tell the names of all the attendants at the mythical St. Louis Heepvention, and don't dare to forget a single name! No, not needed. You can change the question for this one. "Which is the best band in the world?" All of you can take this question as 'guessed' (courtesy of the generous Cannibal!). So you only need to guess the other 39. Easy task.

Uriah Heep!!!

Thank you for taking part in the 1st anniversary celebrations of my site!!!
It was FUN!!!

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