That's me

(Not a very pretty sight, Ah?)

Age: 40 (There's a reason to update the site once a year)

Marital Status: Single (The one for me isn't born yet)

Children: None

Occupation: Practical engineer in electronics (With some managerial skills)

Hobbies: Nothing particular (Wine and Women? Well, actually beer and women)

Interests: Music, astronomy, science fiction, popular science

Favorite Writers: Isaac Asimov, John Le Carre, Carl Sagan

Favorite Books: The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy by Douglas Adams, Three Mushketeers by Alexandre Dumas, everything Asimov's, everything Le Carre's, The Cambrige Atlas Of Astronomy, Gulliver's Travels by Swift

Magazines: National Geographic, Astonomy

Favorite Composer: Beethoven, Bach, Paganini, Albinoni

Favorite Musical Works:Double Concerto by Bach, everything Beethoven's, Paganini's 1st violin concerto, Rodrigo's Concerto De Aranjuez

Jazz: Claude Bolling, Oscar Peterson, Michel Petrucciani

Food: Good steak, lamb chops, nothing fancy

Drinks: Coca Cola(not that Pepsi stuff), tomato juice, beer(Heineken), turkish coffee, sometimes vodka(Absolute preffered, cold, no ice)

Sports: Football(real football, english, not that american stuff)

People I Like: Friends and Family

People I Dislike: Intellectuals

Games: Poker

Computer Games: Civilization II

Everything in exaggeration.
Take big bites,moderation is for monks.

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Updated : 06/08/97