Heep Radio Program Report 

On May 11 at midnight til 2am, I did my first ever Heep radio show, and it was a beautiful dream that came through. It took place on a classic rock program that is aired every Sunday night between 10pm and 2am on a regional station called "Radio Kol Rega", aka Radio Every Moment, in northen Israel. The program is ran by a guy whose name is Akiva Azulay, whom himself is a huge Heep fan, and plays something Heep's every show. In his own words "Uriah Heep are the HOUSE band of this station"!!! Isn't that just great!!!
The station's management allowed us only two hours for our little show, from midnight on. So, in the first two hours of the program, Akiva played some Tull, DP and other stuff. But as an appertizer for the upcomming Heep marathon, he played The Wizard and then Bird Of Prey in the first hour, and the short version of Salisbury in the second hour. Well, we just couldn't afford the long version;-)))
And just after the midnight news, we cranked in Gypsy, and "the whole thing began"!!!

Here's the list of the songs we've played:

1st hour
Time Of Revelation (those two sound just great back to back!!!)
The Park
Look At Yourself - the KBFH version
Paradise/The Spell
Traveller In Time - Live 73 version. Well, the plan was Easy Livin', but you know the incorrect numbering on the remastered Live 73 cd;-)))

2nd hour
Lady In Black (I just thought that it's a great way to start the second hour)
Easy Livin' - Live 73 version. This time we did it right;-)
Return To Fantasy
Weep In Silence
Wake Up (Set Your Sights)
Free Spirit - from FTTT
Dream On

Well, we succeeded to play even more songs then I originally planned for. We just cheapened in words;-))) Akiva did most of the talking, and I just addded a sentence here and there;-) Akiva was great!!! How was I, you ask? I stammered. Excitement, I bet. Was it a success? I hope so!!! Several people called in, making requests, but mostly for July Morning, what else;-))) Except one, that asked for Wake Up, and that's how it ended up on the show, cause I didn't planned on it originally, but we both were happy to play it. And since we had some "saved on talking" time, we decided to play something from Ken's solos, hence Free Spirit, which also wasn't on the original script. And of course, the Traveller In Time found it's way to the set list on it's own;-))) 19 songs, about a 100 minutes of pure Heep. We did payed our tribute the best we could, didn't we? But it's only a beginning, cause maybe in a month or so, we'll do another one!!! Make your requests now;-)))
That's about it!!!

Hello Boris,

Your Radio Show sounds wonderful.Thank you so much for doing this, we really do appreciate it. I did like the choice of songs too. If you do another programme I will be most happy to send you a message, so please keep in touch.

Thanks again for the Radio Show and all of your time and effort.

Keep On Heepin' On,
Mick Box.

I'm very proud to visit this site, and find my name and an article about my radio show "Classic Rock", on which Uriah Heep are THE HOUSE BAND of the show.

I read Mick Box's email and for sure I want to make another Heep show, and very soon.

Akiva Azulay.

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Updated : 22/05/98