Variations on Box/Byron/Hensley

A Heep Poem (Is it a poem? I'm not much of a POET , so do JUSTICE
with me)

I was only seventeen
When I fell in love with my Lady in Black.
She came to me one July Morning
On Sunrise, when the new day break through.

She told her tales as we sat
Under mornings sleepy skies.
About a Wonderworld,
Where sleeping visions are so real.

The sights and sounds her mind created
Are far beyond the thoughts of which we speak.

And if you ask, then you must know
We've got her, and there's love before our eyes.
There have been other bands,
But no one else like you, High Priestess of my heart.

And it was you that opened the door,
And it's that we thank you for.

Those lines are taken from different Uriah Heep songs.
There are so many insights in Heep lines, so it's very difficult to pick one, and you have to hear it in context, not to loose the meaning.
Uriah Heep are maybe not that 'eavy as Deep Purple or Led Zeppelin, but in my 'umble opinion, the words in their songs are real poetry and the vocal harmonies are simply divine.
Us Heepsters already know that, but you, those who are not familiar with Uriah Heep, go out, pick up one of their first albums, listen to the music and specially the words, and then you'll be ready to join us.
And by the way, Heep is still alive, because

'appy Days and Keep on Ridin'

Hypothetical Situation - by Rex Stocklin

Confession - by Rex Stocklin

Heep List Math Quiz - by Dave Griffin

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Updated 08/10/97