"My name is Nick and I like the kind of girl who loves to go dancing. The type of girl who likes to move her body. The type of girl who likes to shake what her mama gave her. The type that will let me hold her hand...and then kiss her. The type that will let me take her to the movies...and then kiss her. The type that will let me hold her so tight...and then kiss her, and kiss her, and kiss her, and kiss her..."-All I Have To Give (Conversational Mix)

And now, my personal fave: Nick! And for those of you want to
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**Interesting facts on Nick!  

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The following bio was taken from the Official BSB Site. All credit goes to them until I have the chance to write my own.
It's probably no accident that Nick Carter was born in the same Jamestown, New York hospital as the legendary actress/comedienne, Lucille Ball. A firecracker from day one, you could regularly find "Little Nicky" dressed in nothing but diapers, bustin' a move, on the dance floor of his father's Yankee Rebel lounge. By fourth grade, after his family moved to Florida, Nick landed the lead in Phantom of the Opera. He was also a featured vocalist at Tampa Bay Buccaneer pre-game shows for two years. At age 12 he put in a winning performance on the 1992 New Original Amateur Hour, and did commercials for both the Money Store and the Florida State Lottery. Nick was offered a gig with Disney, but decided to go with the Backstreet Boys after that first night of harmonizing. During off hours, you can find Nick at home with his parents and four younger siblings. The drum set in his room gets a heavy workout and he spends lots of time jamming with two of his buds. Nick is a licensed scuba diver, enjoys the family motorboat and fishing, and loves poetry and football.

Some Nick quotes:
"Well, I look for a girl who's kind in the heart and who cares about 
what I am not what I do" 

"I've always been really attracted to girls with brown hair but it 
really doesn't matter just as long as they have a good personality and 
they're really nice" 

"At the time I didn't know how to pick out my own underwear"

"Good looks come in handy" 

"Keep the Backstreet pride alive!" 


"My family comes before anything. They are everything to me.

"My family used to call me Charlie Broan 'cos I had a big round head and 
no hair. There's still baby pictures on disply at home, which is a bit 
embarrassing. My mum's even got the family album out when a girl's been 
round and gone, 'Here's a picture of Nick as a baby without any clothes 

"...fish-head over here..."

"I was asked out by girls a bunch of times when I was at school. I like 
girls asking you out because it takes the pressure off you having to do 
it, but it hasn't happened for a while, I'm sad to say!"

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