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If you dont already know, Digger is a classic video game for the PC/XT, a very old IBM/Compatible computer system that was around in the 80's. Digger had spectacular CGA graphics (for CGA, that is) and the sounds weren't bad either. As for who created this game, I don't know. All I know is that some company named Windmill Software published this game in 1983, or at least that's what the copyright information at the bottom of the title screen says.

If you happen to be the creator, or know the creator directly or indirectly, please e-mail me! Thanx!

Digger Downloads

As I said before, I don't know who created the game. I don't think posting the original game on the Internet would cause any copyright violations. I don't know much about copyrights but I'm pretty sure that it's probably expired by now (11/5/1998).

Again, If you know the creator or are the creator of this game, directly or indirectly, please email me.


Digger, the original game.

This game will, of course, only run on an XT. I talked to Andrew Jenner about the game and he said that this isn't the actual original file. The original was not an executable. The file in this ZIP archive is "DIGGER.COM". But nevertheless it's still the exact same and only version of the game until very recently (see below).


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Thanx goes out to Mikel Lavrentyev for the original!

Thanx goes out to Andrew Jenner for the animated Digger image.

Digger, the "digitally remastered" version!

After 3 years of hard work, the "digitally remastered" version was released by Andrew Jenner! This version will run on almost anything as low as a 286, I believe. As for it's CPU limit, there is none because it calibrates the CPU to get a normal speed.

To download, please go to the author's site:

Andrew Jenners URLs:

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Digger Loader

This is a patcher for the original digger to run on modern computers. I haven't tried it out yet so I can't say how well it works.

Download Digger Loader v2.99

Thanx again goes out to Mikel Lavrentyev for the loader also.

"Mikel Lavrentyev of Russia claims to have mastered the game and beaten the maximum possible score of 999,975 in 7 hours of continuous play."

- Digger Hall of Fame

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