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There's Only Four Remaining...
Only Spider-Man, Michaelangelo, Magneto, and Shredder are left in line for the IBL Championship Orb! The first ever IBL Champion will be determined in Episode #3 of Firestorm! This promises to be the greates show yet! Here's a quick preview of the exact battles:

Spider-Man vs. Magneto--Spider-Man is known as one of the greatest heroes in the Marvel Universe, and Magneto is one of its greatest villians! Magneto has made his way up the ladder in a rather questionable way; will the webbed one be able to overcome him?
Michaelangelo vs. Shredder--Two arch-rivals that have taken their years-old battle to the IBL! But there's a problem; Shredder is still in the form of a salamander! What parts will the Joker, Raphael, and Shredder's mutants play? And what will happen if Shredder can't compete?
???? vs. ????--The main event isn't even known yet! It will be Spider-Man or Magneto against Michaelangelo or Shredder for the IBL Championship! Who will be the first ever IBL Champion??!
The No-Holds-Barred Division-- There will definitely be more developments in this division as Wolverine, Raphael, and Rocksteady will have to somehow work their way closer to the NHB Championship! But how can the tournament continue with an odd number of semi-finalists?

There will be even more to see, as non-tournament battles take place and other storylines develop!

Firestorm #2 is here! (6/8/01)
The latest episode is up! The Quarterfinals took place, and by the end of the show, there were only four combatants remaining to claim the IBL Championship Orb! Who were they? What was the big surprise rumored to take place? Read Firestorm, Episode #2!

Firestorm #2 Preview (6/8/01)
Here is a preview of the second episode of IBL Firestorm:

All of the quarterfinals for the IBL Championship Orb will take place!
Spider-Man vs. Venom-- The clashes between these two are legendary! Will the webbed hero prevail, or will the symbiotic fiend overcome him?
Mega Man vs. Magneto-- We all saw what Magneto is capable of! Will he pull something sneaky on Mega Man the way he did to Raphael? Keep in mind that Mega Man is MADE of metal! And what about Mega Man's problems with his robo-brother? There could be more developments on Proto Man's treachery!
He-Man vs. Shredder-- The battle that Shredder didn't want to take place! Zandemus's rule change kept Rocksteady from eliminating He-Man from the tournament! What will the metal maniac have up his sleeve this time?
Michaelangelo vs. Skeletor-- Another battle Shredder failed to prevent! Michaelangelo overcame both Shredder and the Joker last time, but will he be successful against someone who beat Goliath with one punch?

And that's not all! Non-tournament battles will take place, as the IBL saga unfolds! There are also rumors of a ground-breaking announcement that will change the IBL permanently!

IBL is back, with some changes! (6/2/01)
I (KC) have returned to continue the IBL on my own. Hence there will be some changes in the color commentator ("M.R." was the other person working on the IBL for the first show). Other than that, it's pretty much the same as the way we left it in December. I mentioned a few changes back then, and those will still fall into play:

First, there will be more promos, meaning there will be more talking and interaction between the combatants outside of matchups. I was kind of planning this anyway, it's just that in the first show storylines haven't had a lot of time to develop yet and there wasn't as much for characters to talk about.

I'm going to cut to the format to about 6 battles per show instead of 8. It's just too much to have to do; I have a lot of other things in my life that keeps me busy.

Another change is that the shows will not have regular scheduling; they will come out whenever I do them. At the rate I've been going (the second show is almost done), it'll probably be something like every two to three weeks at the most.

Another important point is that even though it's been about six months in real-life since the first show, the second one is assumed to take place within a week or so after the first one. The battles for the second show are pretty much the same as the ones previewed back in December.

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