Catherine Bach

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Basic Info:

Full name: Catherine Bachman (which she shorten to Bach)
Born: March 1st 1955
Birthplace: Warren Ohio (moved to Faith, South Dakota shortly after)

She was a track star while she attended high school, but ever since the age of seven all she wanted to really do was to act. She made her screen debut in the movie "The Midnight Man" in 1974. She had some small supporting roles and did s seris of commericals for Chevrolt.

The Dukes Of Hazzard:

She was able to try out through the Dukes, because one of those industry, someone knows someone who knows someone, even though she doubted that she would get the role, she had been told, when she tried out for other roles, that she was too exotic for television. But as she as she tried out the role of Daisy Duke was her's, even though some head executives still wanted a blonde and wanted to recast after the first episdoe aired they quickly changed their minds.

Other Roles:
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