Denver Pyle

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Denver Pyle
Birthplace: Bethune Colorado
Birthdate: May 11th, 1920 - Passed Away-December 25th 1997

Basic Info:

He attended univeriety for a while and then went to work in oil fields in Texas and Oklahoma. In 1940 he moved to L.A. and worked breifly as a page at NBC. He enlisted in the Navy and during WWII he recieved a medical discharge, in 1942, when he was wounded in action off Guadalchal. later, in L.A., he was working for an aircraft plant and went with a friend who tested for a play, and he recieved a part as well. In 1946, he recieved a role in a community theatre production and was noticed by a talent scout. In 1947 he recived a small part in "The Guilt Of Janet Ames." After this he was in many productions.

The Dukes Of Hazzard:

When he went to audition James was there just before him. He talked to the producers about James, before reading his for his own audition and he got the part.

Article that appeared in The Windsor Star Dec 26/97
TV vetern Dukes 'uncle'
The Associated Press
Los Angeles

    Denver Pyle, a character actor best known as Uncle  Jesse on television's The Dukes Of Hazzard,
has died of lung cancer. He was 77.
    Pyle died Thursday at Providence St. Joseph Medical Centre in Burbank, hospital officals said
    Less then two weeks ago, Pyle mustered the strength to attend the unveiling of his star on the
Holly Walk of Fame.
    Pyle's lanky frame brought a Western authenticity to parts in such movies as The Alamo, The
Man who Shot Liberty Valance and Cahill, U.S Marshal.
    He also appeared in such TV series as Bonanza and Gunsmoke.
    Pyle was a TV veteran. He played Caleb on Gunsmoke and Mr. Darlin' on The Andy Griffth
Show. He was also a cast member on The Doris Day Show in the late '60s and early '70s, The Life
& Times of Grizzly Adams in the '70s.
    On The Dukes of Hazzard, which ran 1979-85, Pyle was a grizzled and cranky relative who
offered sage advice to two Southern country cousins.

Other Credits:

       1.Dukes of Hazzard: Reunion!, The (1997) (TV) .... Uncle Jesse Duke
       2."Podunk Possum" (1997) TV Series .... Podunk Possum
       3.Father and Scout (1994) (TV) .... George Rosebrock
       4.Maverick (1994) .... Old Gambler
       5.Delta Fever (1987) .... Walt
       6.Return to Mayberry (1986) (TV) .... Briscoe Darling
       7."Dukes of Hazzard, The" (1979) TV Series .... Uncle Jesse Duke
       8.Return from Witch Mountain (1978) .... Uncle Bene
       9."Life and Times of Grizzly Adams, The" (1977) TV Series .... Mad Jack/Narrator (1977-78)
       10.Mountain Man (1977)
          ... aka Guardian of the Wilderness (1977)
       11.Welcome to L.A. (1977) .... Carl Barber
       12.Buffalo Bill and the Indians, or Sitting Bull's History Lesson (1976) .... McLaughlin
          ... aka Buffalo Bill and the Indians (1976)
       13.Hawmps! (1976)
       14.Winterhawk (1976) .... Arkansas
       15."Karen" (1975) TV Series .... Dale Busch (I - 30 January 1975)
       16.Death Among Friends (1975) (TV)
          ... aka Mrs. R (1975) (TV)
       17.Escape to Witch Mountain (1975) .... Uncle Bene
          ... aka Montagne ensorcelée, La (1975)
       18.Murder or Mercy (1974) (TV)
       19.Sidekicks (1974) (TV) .... Drunk
       20.Cahill: United States Marshal (1973) .... Denver
          ... aka Cahill (1973)
          ... aka Wednesday Morning (1973)
       21.Legend of Hillbilly John, The (1973)
          ... aka Ballad of Hillbilly John (1973)
          ... aka My Name Is John (1973)
          ... aka Who Fears the Devil (1973)
       22.Something Big (1971) .... Frisbee
       23.Hitched (1971) (TV)
       24.5 Card Stud (1968) .... Sig Evers
       25.Bandolero! (1968) .... Muncie Carter
       26."Doris Day Show, The" (1968) TV Series .... Buck Webb (1968-70)
       27.Bonnie and Clyde (1967) .... Frank Hamer
       28.Welcome to Hard Times (1967) .... Alfie
          ... aka Killer on a Horse (1967)
       29.Gunpoint (1966) .... Cap
       30.Great Race, The (1965) .... Sheriff
       31."Tammy" (1965) TV Series .... Grandpa (Mordecai) Tarleton
       32.Shenandoah (1965) .... Pastor Bjoerling
       33.Rounders, The (1965) .... Bull
       34.Cheyenne Autumn (1964) .... Senator Henry
       35.Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, The (1962) .... Amos Carruthers
       36.Alamo, The (1960) .... Gambler
       37.Horse Soldiers, The (1959) .... Jackie Jo
       38.Cast a Long Shadow (1959)
       39.King of the Wild Stallions (1959) .... Doc
       40.China Doll (1958) .... Colonel Wiley
       41.Good Day for a Hanging (1958) .... Moore
       42.Left-Handed Gun, The (1958) .... Ollinger
       43.Party Crashers, The (1958) .... Mr. Bickford
       44.Jet Pilot (1957) .... Mr. Simpson
       45.Gun Duel in Durango (1957) .... Ranger Captain
          ... aka Duel in Durango (1957)
       46.Lonely Man, The (1957) .... Sheriff
       47.I Killed Wild Bill Hickok (1956) .... Jim Bailey
       48."Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp, The" (1955) TV Series .... Ben Thompson
          ... aka "Wyatt Earp" (1955)
       49.Run for Cover (1955) .... Harvey
       50.Rage at Dawn (1955)
          ... aka Seven Bad Men (1955)
       51.To Hell and Back (1955) .... Thompson
       52.Top Gun (1955)
       53.Johnny Guitar (1954) .... Posseman
       54.Ride Clear of Diablo (1954) .... Rev. Moorehead
       55."Commando Cody: Sky Marshal of the Universe" (1953) TV Series
       56.Goldtown Ghost Riders (1953) .... Bernie Malloy
       57.Rebel City (1953) .... Greeley
       58.Topeka (1953)
       59.Vigilante Terror (1953)
       60.Fargo (1952)
       61.Desert Passage (1952) .... Allen
       62.Lusty Men, The (1952)
       63.Hills of Utah, The (1951) .... Bowie French
       64.Dynamite Pass (1950) .... Whip, a thug
       65.Flying Saucer, The (1950) .... Turner
       66.Too Late for Tears (1949) (uncredited) .... Youth at Union Station
          ... aka Killer Bait (1949)
       67.Flame of Youth (1949) .... Lytz
       68.Hellfire (1949) .... Wilson
       69.Red Canyon (1949) .... Hutch
       70.Rim of the Canyon (1949)
       71.Marshal of Amarillo (1948) .... Night Clerk
       72.Where the North Begins (1947) .... Jim "Rocky" Rockwell, a thug

Notable TV guest appearances

       1."Cybill" (1995) playing "Himself" in episode: "Bringing Home The Bacon" 9/16/1996
       2."Kung Fu" (1972) in episode: "Crossties" 1974
       3."Kung Fu" (1972) in episode: "Ancient Warrior, The" 1973
       4."Waltons, The" (1972) in episode: "Reunion, The" 12/14/1972
       5."Perry Mason" (1957) playing "Jackson Sidemark" in episode: "Case of the Final Fadeout, The" 5/22/1966
       6."Gunsmoke" (1955) playing "Caleb Nash" in episode: "Violators, The" 10/17/1964
       7."Gunsmoke" (1955) playing "Pa Ginnis" in episode: "No Hands" 2/8/1964
       8."Temple Houston" (1963) playing "Phineas Fallon" in episode: "Case for William Gotch, The" episode   #1.20)
       9."Twilight Zone, The" (1959) playing "Stu" in episode: "Black Leather Jackets" 1/31/1964
       10."Andy Griffith Show, The" (1960) playing "Briscoe Darling" in episode: "Briscoe Declares For Aunt Bee"
       11."Gunsmoke" (1955) playing "Aaron Larker" in episode: "Odyssey of Jubal Tanner The" 5/18/1963
       12."Dick Van Dyke Show, The" (1961) playing "Uncle George" in episode: "Uncle George" 1963
       13."Gunsmoke" (1955) playing "Black Jack Haggen" in episode: "Us Haggens" 12/8/1962
       14."Zane Grey Theater" (1956) in episode: "Empty Shell, The" (episode # 5.24) 3/30/1961
       15."Gunsmoke" (1955) playing "Gus Mather" in episode: "Wake, The" 12/10/1960
       16."Zane Grey Theater" (1956) in episode: "Small Town That Died, A" (episode # 4.23) 3/10/1960
       17."Maverick" (1957) in episode: "Family Pride" 1960
       18."Gunsmoke" (1955) playing "Mike Blocker" in episode: "Bear, The" 2/28/1959
       19."Zane Grey Theater" (1956) in episode: "Thread of Respect, A" (episode # 3.19) 2/12/1959
       20."Zane Grey Theater" (1956) in episode: "Stranger, The" (episode # 2.20) 2/28/1958
       21."Zane Grey Theater" (1956) in episode: "Blood in the Dust" (episode # 2.2) 10/11/1957
       22."Gunsmoke" (1955) playing "Hank Shinn" in episode: "Liar From Blackhawk" 6/22/1957
       23."Gunsmoke" (1955) playing "Willie Calhoun" in episode: "Poor Pearl" 12/22/1956
       24."You Are There" (1953) in episode: "Great Comstock Silver Strike (October 29, 1873), The"(episdoe#4.19) 2/26/1956
          25."You Are There" (1953) in episode: "Washington Crosses the Delaware (December 25, 1776)" (episode # 4.14) 12/25/1955
       26."You Are There" (1953) in episode: "Hoax of Cardiff Giant (February 2, 1870), The" (episode # 4.8) 11/13/1955
       27."You Are There" (1953) in episode: "Boston Tea Party, The" (episode # 1.3) 2/15/1953
       28."Bonanza" (1959) playing "Buchanan" in episode: "365. The Wagon"

Here is a picutre of him from  Gunsmoke.