My 2cents, Rants and Diatribes

*This is all just my opinon from stuff I have seen, read, and from talking to other Duke fans*

    Why does TNN bother to show the "clone" season? I mean everytime they run through the episodes they show every episode of them, yet they don't always show every epsiode of the REAL Dukes. I mean that is very annoying. In the orginal the rating plummeted during the "clone" season, fans didn't like them then and still don't now. Doesn't TNN see that the ratings drop when they show the clone season? Why bother to waste 3 1/2 weeks showing the "clones" The only episdoe that the clones are in that is worth airing is "Welcome Back Bo and Luke" because the REAL Duke boys come back to take their rightful place. I really wish TNN would get a clue and STOP airing the clone season.

    In the episode "Hazzardville Horror" I have a little "rant" about one thing . . . Once they find the silver theifs hideout, Luke decides that he and the girl will go tell Rosco while Bo stays and watches the place.  I think that Luke had more in mind to do with "little miss sweater over her shoulders" then going to tell Rosco, he was looking to see some action. I mean WHY leave Bo there? You don't know how many bad guys there are, if they are armed and willing to use the weapon, they could be murders as well as theives. I mean leaving Bo alone like that could've got him killed. I mean normally the boys do most everything together, why would he have Bo stay there unless he had more in mind to be doing with the girl? And didn't it take them a little to long to be just going to tell Rosco?

    The 50th Emmy's--- They showed a segment for top shows througout the past 50 years. They DIDN'T show a clip of the Dukes. They showed some shows more then once and NO Dukes. How could they do that? Dukes was number one during the 80's for several years. These narrow minded critics so called proffessionals of the television world really tick me off. They have no call to dis the Dukes they way they do. They just don't understand and thus they mock. I guess these awaard shows are all rigged anyways it is just a matter of who puts the most money in to get the award.
On this same note they didn't mention Denver in the list of stars who passed away during the way. This is a flat out OUTRAGE. Denver played a huge role in the history of television. He started in in 1947 and appeared in nearly a hundred different shows and movies.

    In the episode "Luke's Love Story"  Luke is acting like a 100% jerk(which is the kindest way I can think of putting it) I mean "you can only go with me, but I can try to get lucky with every skirt that walks by" If I had to base Luke on this episode I would HATE him. Glad they didn't keep Luke that way. And as well Bo was being a sexist pig and acting very immature. The episdoe majorly messed up the characters, poor scripit writing is what it comes down to.