RARE Pictures

These are pictures that are MINE. So please don't steal these pictures from My site to use on your on. You use them for personal use if you want (like wallpaper, or to print out but NOT for your site)
(This also imply to the white picture of the general jumping on my main page and really all the pictures, please don't take any without asking)

This picture was an ad for the Dukes, In "Country Weekly" it was only in a couple issues when TNN first started to re-air the Dukes.

Here's a pic that I got signed byTOM WOPAT!When I got to hear him perform with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, May 4th 1997.

Cover of the Toronto Star TV guide the week "The Dukes of Hazzard: Reunion" was aired.

This Picture accompanied the article in the Tornoto Star TV Guide

This is one of the REAL General Lee's owned by a guy in Windsor Ont. Supposedly used in "Daisy's Song"

I got this picture from and article my cousin has so I forget what magizine

*A special thanks goes out to Glenn Wallace for these screen captures.*