Rick Hurst

Rick Hurst
Birthdate: January 1st, 1946
Birthplace: Houston, Texas

Basic Info:

He started acting in high school, and he graduated from Univeristy with a master in drama. In 1968 he got a reoccuring role on "The Doris Day Show" playing Dorsis's mechanic.He appeared in the films such as "The Cat From Outer Space" in which he plays a security guard.

The Dukes Of Hazzard:

The first time that Cletus is seen is in "Money To Burn." He returned in the episdoe "Road Piarates" as a deputy because "Enos" was having his appendix removed (which was true in real life). He was only intended to be on 3-4 episodes, but then the spinoff series Enos began (1980-81) "Cletus" became the dimwit deputy. Since he was from Texas he knew actual "southern" sayings, such as "Buzzards on a buzzsaw."