Sorrell Booke

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Sorrell Booke
Birthdate: January 4th, 1930- Passed away: Febuary 11th, 1994
Birthplace: Buffalo, New York

Basic Info:

He was a classically trained actor, who could fluiently speak FIVE languages. Before he was tne he ordered scripts from radio stations and would play all the parts showing an affinity for all the dialects. When a local station was holding open auditions he went and tried out, winning a part on the very next show. At age sixteen he enrolled in Univeristy and was on a campus variety show as Senator Cottonmouth, his first role as a southern politican. He earned a master's degree in Fine Arts from Yale. During the Korean War he spent two year in counterintelligence. After the war he got right back into prefroming, and his television carrer began in 1957, an appearence on "Producer's Showcase" He preformed on more then 150 television productions.

The Dukes Of Hazzard:

His agent told him to go to WB, as they were casting for a show that sounded perfect for him. He went and saw several other character actors there. Everyone knew him and his work and a week later he went back for a second audition after which they wanted to "negotiate."