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Disclaimer: Written for fun, not profit. The DOH characters, who we all know and love, do not belong to me, however all the original characters in the stories do so please don't steal them. These stories are written by me Heather Williamson.  As you can see I haven't added any stories in years, anything I did have unfinished was lost due to hard drive crashes and through the twists and turns of life I am no longer writing anything new in the DOH fandom and do so limited writing in various anime fandoms.

Age Difference - Tonight on the Dukes . . . Luke starts feeling that three years is a big age difference and wants to hang out with some other kids and spends very little time, in fact as little time as he can with Bo, then  an accident occurs that places Bo's life in danger.*Posted Sep. 02 98*

Aiding And Abetting - Tonight on the Dukes . . . Criminals planning a major robbery have what they figure to be the perfect plan. But things do no always go as planned in Hazzard County. Who is aiding in the criminals plans?*Posted Jan 12 98*

 Addiction- Tonight on the Dukes .  . . Bo becomes addicted to pain killers, having problems dealing with everything that happened. Jesse feels that the only option is to check Bo into a drug rehab centre, thinking it is the only way that Bo can get the help he needs, but he has no idea how wrong he is. The place Bo is in threatens to destroy him, the only one that senses something is wrong is Luke, but can he save his cousin in time?*This the second part of Aiding and Abetting**Posted Jan 02 99*

 Am I Crazy? - Tonight on the Dukes . . . Bo's life is changed drastically after an event he can't remember and things don't always appear to be right and he wonders if he has gone crazy. (this is written in first person and is short, only 5 pages long) * TISSUE WARNING! Be fore warned you might need to have tissues handy when reading this one.* *Posted Sep 13 98*

Betrayal- Tonight on the Dukes . . .  Luke makes a mistake that endangers Bo's life. Did he intentionally endanger Bo's life or did someone else commit the ultimate betrayal of trust? *Posted March 26 98*

Between Here and the Hereafter - Tonight on the Dukes . . . When the mind is on the brink of here and the hereafter it is hard to say what the mind is actually thinking. A tragedy is hard for anyone to deal with, but it is even harder if one is separated from someone they have a close bond to. *Violence Warning* *Posted Jan 31 98*

Bo's Parents - Tonight on the Dukes . . . After thirteen years of Jesse telling Bo that his parents are  dead, Bo finds out the truth about his parents, when they come to the farm to take him home with them to Atlanta. Why did Jesse lie to Bo and say his parents were dead? What are his parents like and what will Bo's life be like with them in the big city? *Posted Mar 19 98*

Caged-Tonight on the Dukes . . . When four boys want revenge on Luke they go after Bo, locking him in a cage on the old circus train that is rumored to be haunted. Will anyone find him and save him before it is too late? And will he ever be the same child he was before or will the whole frightening ordeal change him forever? *Posted Aug 18 98

Captive- Tonight on the Dukes . . . Bo and Luke are held captive by people with sinister plans. Can Bo and Luke keep them from succeeding or will they die trying to stop them? *Posted Feb 10 98*

Catch Me When I Fall - Tonight on the Dukes . . .  This is done in 1st person and is a letter to Luke, from Bo, while Luke is gone away with the Marines, of how Luke has always been there to catch Bo when he fell. *Posted Dec 12 99*

Cold Waters -Tonight on the Dukes . . . After a major fight Bo leaves home and Luke spends the next year searching for his younger cousin. Can the damage done to their friendship ever be repaired? Then something happens that threatens both of their lives . . . will they make out of this one alive, and return home to Hazzard? (short story)*TISSUE WARNING* *Posted Dec 17 98*

 The Confession - Tonight on the Dukes . . . Rosco comes to farm to make a confession that could change Luke's life forever. *Posted March 22 00*

 "The Crow" Gateway To Hazzard - Tonight on the Dukes . . . This story is loosely based on some of the premises of the show "The Crow - Stairway To Heaven" It is 75 pages long and divided into 6 chapters, just follow the link to read the "details. *Mild Violence Warning & Tissue Warning* *Posted March 13 00"

Cult Of The Blood Stone - Tonight on the Dukes . . . Things have changed over the four years that Luke was out of Hazzard while in the Marines. Bo has changed the most. Unable to deal with being alone Bo joins a cult. Luke is surprised to discover that, and that nobody has done anything to get him out. Can Luke get Bo out of the cult and save him. Or will Bo be lost forever? *Posted Mar 09 98*

 The Curse - Tonight on the Dukes . . . Luke's rash of nightmares force Jesse to revel the truth of the curse that had been placed on Bo. Though once it comes true will anybody be able to save Bo, or will Luke's promise to protect Bo be broken?*Posted Jun 26 99**PG-13, for mild violence*

The Darkest Of Nights - Tonight on the Dukes . . . Certain nights can be very dark and on those nights the creatures roam, something Luke knows all to well. *Violence and Tissue Warning. This is a "horror" story for the Halloween season* *Posted Oct 18 99*

Days Of Future Past  - Tonight on the Dukes . . . You are now entering the Twilight Zone, what is real and what is only a dream. Bo thinks he knows which is real and which is a dream, though he is right? *short story* *Posted Feb 02 00*

 Death and Life - Tonight on the Dukes . . . A tragedy occurs, taking the life of Bo Duke. Luke blames himself for his death and will do anything to bring his cousin back to life. Bo lives again but is it really Bo? Did Luke really make the right choice? *Violence Warning* *Posted Feb 05 98*

A Dukes Christmas Carol - Tonight on the Dukes . . . It is a Hazzard adaptation on the classical "Christmas Carol" when Boss Hogg, like Scrooge, is visited by the ghosts of Christmas. Even though the ghosts look like people he knows, Bo, Luke and Daisy he finds they are not. Will Boss change his evil ways if even for only Christmas day? MERRY CHRISTMAS ONE AND ALL! *Posted Nov 2 98*

 The End Of The World  - Okay this is just a really short little thing. ( I was in a down mood when I wrote it) It is the end of the world as we know it. (that sums it up) *Posted May 21 98*

 The Falling Snow - Tonight on the Dukes . . . Luke tries to escape a tragic memory, but finds that no matter how far he runs he can't escape. And as the snow begins he finds that one memory will forever change his life. (short story) *TISSUE WARNING* *Posted Jul 21 99*

Feelings Of Abandonment - Tonight on the Dukes . . . Someone for Bo's past returns and drags up old emotions from when Luke had left to join the Marines. Jesse and Daisy consider this person to be nothing but bad news, and for good reasons. Is this person friend or foe? Has he returned with intentions of friendship or revenge?*Posted Jul 15 98*

Flames Of Hades - Tonight on the Dukes . . .  Luke is seriously injured on the job, having a hard time dealing with just how injured he is, thoughts turn to the past and how things got "so far gone" can he deal with what is happening now as well as what happened in the past, and will he have to deal with it alone?*Note: this takes place, just shortly after the reunion movie* *Posted Feb 01 99*

Forgive and Forget - Tonight on the Dukes . . . After a major fight Bo leaves Hazzard to start a new life. Luke finds him, can he talk Bo in to coming home, can everyone just forgive and forget?*Posted Nov 21 97*

Gone Underground - Tonight on the Dukes . . . After horrible events change the world Bo and Luke seek shelter underground, but are they even safe down there? (short story)*This is intended more for mature readers**Tissue Warning* *Posted Apr 22 99*

Haunting Of Hazzard County - Tonight on the Dukes . . . strange things happen in Hazzard County all year but they are really strange around Halloween. People start to see ghost. Are the ghosts real?  (Okay please note I wrote this as a joke around last Halloween, it is not violent at all it is kind of silly, so if you want to laugh read this) *posted ?? written date Oct 24 96*

Hazzard's Haunted House -Tonight on the Dukes . . . While going out trick or treating for the first time alone, Bo and Luke are harassed by bullies who locked them in the old house on the far side of the cemetery which is rumored to be haunted. The boys find out all too soon that the rumors are true. They become separated and Luke learns that he must find Bo soon or it will be too late. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! *Mild Violence* *Posted Oct 14 98*

A Hazzard Love Story - (this is my FIRST story  that I wrote.) Tonight on the Dukes . . . Bo falls in love with a girl passing through and Luke hears something that causes him to be suspicious of her. *Posted May 30 97-I think* *Written Sep 21 96*

A Hazzard Terror - Tonight on the Dukes . . . Something is very wrong in Hazzard, and it effects Luke. Can Bo save him in time or will his soul be lost to this evil? *some very mild violence* *Posted Oct 29 97*

 In A Different Lifetime -Tonight on the Dukes . . . Past and present lives collide for Bo and Luke when they go to see a Past Life Regressionist. They find they were brothers in the other lifetime, but will what happened then end their friendship now? Can they come to understand what is happening and why, and is there anyone that can help them? *Posted
Mar 14 99*

 Just A Dream - Tonight on the Dukes . . . Have you ever had a dream that seems so real that even when you awake you still think it was real? Well became the case for Luke who finds out reality is really just what you make it to be. (short story)*Posted Jul 8 99*

 Justice- Tonight on the Dukes . . . Luke claims to have committed a crime that he didn't, trying protect the person who actually committed the crime. Who actually did the "crime" Luke is admitting to and will there be justice?*Posted June 3 99*

Khalida Manor - Tonight on the Dukes . . . The Dukes inherit an old manor in Maine. Bo, Luke and Daisy go to check out, unaware of the evil that resides there. The evil over takes Luke and Daisy and it is up to Bo to save them. Can he save his cousins souls, or he will be taken over by the evil as well, or worse will they sacrifice to the demon? *NOTE: This story has some scenes that may be too intent for younger readers. Reader discretion is advised.* *Posted Nov 30 98*

 Lies Of the Worst Kind - Tonight on the Dukes . . .  Lies are always bad but some lies are worse then others and cause a lot more damage to those effected by the lies. (short story) (*NOTE: this story has some graphic violence and may be too intense for younger readers) *Posted Aug 27 98*

Long Lost Brother - Tonight on the Dukes . . . Luke finds an old paper that says he has a younger brother that was adopted. Luke will stop at nothing to find his brother no matter the cost. But is he willing to really pay the cost it will take if it means losing his best friend, his cousin Bo? *Posted Jul 28 98*

Love Is A Strange Thing -Tonight on the Dukes . . . An old flame of Luke's, Susan, comes to Hazzard, but that flames has long since kindled down to be just friendship . . . or so Luke thought until he sees her and Bo fall madly in love. Bo's love is stronger for her then it has ever been for any girl, can Bo's friendship with Luke survive and well as his love with Susan? *Posted Sep 16 98*

Miss You In A Heartbeat - Tonight on the Dukes . . . People from Luke's past while he was in the Marines appear in Hazzard, but they are anything but his friends. A tragic event shocks the town.*Posted Jan 29 98*

A Mystical Connection - Tonight on the Dukes . . . The Dukes receive word that Luke was been killed during battle in Nam. Though Bo refuses to believe it. He soon finds out that he is right, and that Luke has became a prisoner of war. The boys find that their bond is closer then either ever knew. They become the only one that each other has to depend on. Will Luke be able to keep his promise and return home? Will Jesse and Daisy ever believe Bo that Luke is alive? *Posted Oct 27 98*

 New Home - Tonight on the Dukes . . . After the tragic death of his parents Luke comes to live at the farm in Hazzard County, can he adjust to his new home and will the silence be broken?*Posted May 27 99*

On Their Own - Tonight on the Dukes . . . Things change around the farm when the woman Jesse is dating, Ellen, and her son Bryon move to the farm. Neither Ellen nor Bryon are very nice to Bo and Luke, and the boys come to trust only each other. Luke figures the only way they can stay together and that he can protect his younger cousin Bo is if they leave the farm and set out on their own. *Posted Oct 27 98*

Other Worlds -(This one is posted in separate parts so the main write up is on the next page) Bo and Luke travel to other worlds, what will they have to face? Can they make it home? *Posted Jan 22 98*

Outcasts- Tonight on the Dukes . . . Life has always been hard for the Dukes, but it becomes more then difficult when they become outcasts. Luke meets a strangers who can help them get revenge on those who made the Dukes outcast, but is it worth the cost?  (short Story)*Violence warning*  *Posted Apr 06 98*

The Possession - Tonight on the Dukes . . . an ancient evil awakens in Hazzard. It needs to find a body to possess. Who's soul will be endangered and can they be saved?*Some mild Violence* *Posted Jan 13 98*

 Post War Syndrome -Tonight on the Dukes . . . Luke returns for Nam and Bo soon finds out his cousin has changed drastically. Suffering from P.W.S Luke sees Bo as he enemy, remembering his younger cousin as only being a child. Can Bo make Luke see what is real or will Luke totally lose his mind. *WARNING: CONTAINS VIOLENCE!* *Posted Nov 16 98*

Pure Insanity -Tonight on the Dukes . . . things have changed in Hazzard. Who even is still living in Hazzard? *Violence warning* *Posted Oct 28 97*

The Raging River - Tonight on the Dukes . . .  A storm causes major flooding and the boys stop to help some people trapped in the river, but before Luke can make it back to the shore the rope snaps and he is swept away. Everyone searches for him until they reach the swamp, and think that he is dead. What they don't know is an old lady found him and mistook him for her son. Will Luke ever remember who he is? Or will the rest of the Dukes have to live with the pain of his "death" forever? *Posted Nov 03 98*

A Question Of Identity - Tonight on the Dukes . . . Bo begins to deal with hard questions of identity, of who he truly is, when strangers arrive at the farm, claiming Bo to actually be their son, and Bo finds his life suddenly changes when it is discover that he really is not a Duke. Bo comes down with a rare disease before he finds the answer to his question, of who he is, the disease threatens to take his life before he finds the answer in his heart.*Posted April 10 99*

The Return Of Bo Hogg - Tonight on the Dukes . . . Bo is in an accidents  and awakens thinking that he is Bo Hogg. He becomes the most devious underhanded nasty Hogg there ever was. Can the rest of the Dukes make Bo see he is a Duke, or will they be able to save him and lose everything? His methods of getting the Dukes out Hazzard take a violent turn and lives become endangered. *Posted May 27 98*

Rosco's Bad Aim -Tonight on the Dukes . . . Rosco accidentally shoots Bo while trying to frame the boys. The incident makes him see the err of his crooked ways. However will it last long, and will boss allow the sheriff to once again be an honest lawman? *Posted Jun 26 99*

A Sad Tale - Tonight on the Dukes . . . tragedy strikes when you least expect it, and can forever change your life, feelings of self blame are sometimes too much to handle *TISSUE WARNING* (written in 1st person) *Posted Aug 6 99*
Say Goodbye - Tonight on the Dukes . . . Criminals come to Hazzard and they make everyone think that Luke is dead. Can he get away to let them know that he is still alive, and stop the criminals from getting away with their crooked plans? *Posted ?? written date is Apr 1 97*

Sibling Rivalry - Tonight on the Dukes . . . Trouble can happen when you least suspect it. Bo and Luke's friendship is put to the ultimate test. They end up on the opposite sides of two twins own sibling rivalry and it threatens to destroy their friendship. Can they get through this or will Bo and Luke's life long friendship come to an end? *Posted ?? Written Mar 24 97*

Sickness Of The Heart - Tonight on the Dukes . . . Bo has a rare and serious heart disease, that threatens to take his life. Is there anything that the doctors can do to save him, or the heart disease take his life?*Posted Feb 14 98*

Spirit Brothers - Tonight on the Dukes . . . An earthquake shakes Hazzard and with it strikes tragedy. *TISSUE WARNING* *Posted Sep 19 99* (deals with issues from "Caged" but is not a part 2)

Split Personality - Tonight on the Dukes . . . someone in Hazzard develops a split personality. what is their alter ego like. (short story)*Violence Warning* *Posted Jan 13 98*

The Storm - Tonight on the Dukes . . . Bo and Luke have been fighting and Bo gets into a terrible, life threatening accident. Luke is filled with guilt blaming himself for the accident. As they wait to see if Bo will ever wake up Jesse remembers back to the accident that took his brother, Bo's father, Gregory's life, and the situation surrounding it is so similar to what is happening now. *Warning: This is quite a VERY sad story so having tissues handy would be a good idea* *Posted Jun 02 98*

A Story - Tonight on the Dukes . . .  something major has happened recently in Hazzard, meet with each of the Dukes to hear them tell you what happened. (It is written in first person (my second try at 1st person writing) from 4 different people.) *Posted Nov 10 97*

Sweet Revenge - Tonight on the Dukes . . . Bo's life is placed in danger when he is shot. After Bo is shot old buried memories are awaken in Luke of how his parents were killed. And he sets out to seek revenge on the man for killing his parents an possibly taking Bo away from him *Note: this contains some INTENSE scenes as well as some mild violence* *Posted Nov 07 98*

A Test Of Faith - Tonight on the Dukes . . . During Bo's senior year he is captain of the football team. College recruiters are looking to enroll him. During a major game Bo goes down hard in a tackle injuring his spinal cord and paralyzing. Will it be temporary or will Bo never walk again. Is Bo's faith strong enough to pull him through this trial of life?*Posted May 12 98*

The Third Duke Boy - Tonight on Dukes . . . The past returns for everyone after Luke receives a letter reminding him of a choice he made many years ago. What was the choice? Who is the third Duke boy? *Posted Jan 12 98*

 To Lose A Friend To Death - Tonight on the Dukes . . . A story of what it is like when you lose a friend to death. *this is written in first person from Luke's point of view* *TISSUE WARNING*(short story) *Posted April 07 99*

The Truth -okay this is not really a story it is more like an article or a letter. It exposes the truth behind Coy and Vance and how Bo and Luke stopped the sinister plot behind their real reason for being there. The truth is out there. :) *Posted Nov 17 97*

Twisted Hazzard Series
  (These stories contain violence and may not be suitable for younger readers)

Twisted Hazzard - (this crosses in the X-files) Tonight on the Dukes . . . A dark force has over taken Hazzard things just are not the same. Mulder and Scully come to investigate by request of Enos Strate. You'll be surprised at whose at the bottom of it all. *Posted July 28 97*
Twisted Hazzard 2 -Tonight on the Dukes . . . The darkness returns but this time it is by different people. Will this be the ultimate battle between good and evil? *Posted Sep 02 97*

Twisted Hazzard 3 - Tonight on the Dukes . . . Years pass and things are slowly returning to normal, though with a few small changes. Can the Dukes ever triumph for the evil? *Posted Jan 09 98*

 The Ultimate Fugitive Hunt - Tonight on the Dukes . . . Bo and Luke are framed for murder, and sentenced to 2 life sentences. However before they reach the the prison they escape. The two fugitives are then tracked down by the US Marshals. Can Bo and Luke find proof of their innocence before Sam Gerard manages to capture them?
*NOTE: This is a Dukes + US Marshals crossover. US Marshals is a WB creation. The Marshals (I borrow) are Sam Gerard (Tommy Lee Jones), Noah Newman (Tom Wood), Cosmo Renfro (Joe Pantoliano) Robert Biggs (Daniel Roebuck), and on the side helper Henry Poole . . . (he is not a Marshal but he helped them in both movies)*This is a LONG story -53 pages (every line . . .)* *Posted Mar 28 99*

 Volatile--past- Tonight on the Dukes . . . When Luke first arrives at the farm circumstances have made him take a very dark view on life, which is clear for the whole world to see in his behavior.

 Volatile--present- Tonight on the Duke . . . Fifteen years have past, yet when Luke is drugged by a behavior altering chemical Luke becomes the way he was before, if not more dangerous. The peace within the family is shattered, as Luke's dangerous behavior is made apparent. *Very mild violence warning* *Posted Apr 21 99*

What If . . .  -Tonight on the Dukes . . . this is a what if tale, and it deals with what if Judd was raised on the farm along with Bo and Luke. Would the boys friendship be the same, would they be friends at all? Because this one little event would change their whole lives, so what if . . .?*Posted Aug 20 99*

Where The Vampires Roam - Tonight on the Dukes . . . When Bo is turned in vampire the Dukes must turn to a vampire hunter for help, though can Luke do anything to save his younger cousin's life, or will Bo forever remain a creature of darkness? WARNING! RATED 14+ NOT RECOMMENDED FOR YOUNGER READERS! It does contain violence! *Posted Jun 28 99*

 Whistler Canyon - Tonight on the Dukes . . . Bo and Luke set out to complete one of the hardest trails in North America, unaware that a convicted murdered is hiding out in the bottom of the canyon, and plans on using Bo and Luke to escape the canyon. Can Bo and Luke survive Whistler Canyon and the wrath of a murderer?*Posted Oct 22 98*

White Christmas - Tonight on the Dukes . . . It is the first white Christmas in Hazzard in many years, and something about it bothers Luke, will Luke be able to deal with painful memory of the past or will life be forever changed at the Duke farm. *Posted Nov 09 99*

XK-49 The Mind Drug - Tonight on the Dukes . . . Luke becomes a pawn in a twisted game when he is given a very powerful drug that effects his mind, changing him. Can anyone get through to him or is he forever lost? Is Luke completely being controlled and will he do anything he is told to . . .even kill Bo?*Warning: Contains scenes of violence and there is also a tissue warning* *Posted Feb 06 99*

Yesterday's News - Tonight on the Dukes . . . Judd Kane returns to Hazzard, and Bo discovers a "truth" about Judd, but before Bo can tell Luke, Bo is kidnapped. Will Bo get a chance to tell Luke, or will his captors end his life before he can? Will Luke believe the truth if he ever hears it and what will he do when he finds out who it was that kidnapped Bo? *Posted Feb 21 99*

 The Zyembolic Plague - Tonight on the Dukes . . . A killer plague sweeps across the land, with a high fatality rate, and it hits Hazzard hard as Bo and Luke soon discover. It is loosely based on the novel "The Stand" by Stephen King, more less just in concept. Due to the nature of the story I place a strong PG-13 rating on it* *POSTED Jun 09 99*  - additional note unfortunately I never will be finishing this story.

Doctor Quinn Medicine Woman

Memories Of The Past - This is my  first attempt at a Dr.Quinn. Of course it is about Daniel Simon (John Schneider). The past holds a lot of memories for everyone. Memories can be pleasant . . . but they can also be very painful as Daniel knows. And the past always has a way of catching up with you. *Posted Apr 18 98*

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