By day she's Jerrica Benton the cool-headed president of Starlight Music. But, by night she's the mysterious Jem. Lead singer of Jem and the Holograms who leapt out of  nowhere straight to the top of the charts. Jerrica also runs the Starlight Foundation, a home for foster girls. She has recently found great success in her Jem persona. She's won the Indy 500, been nominated for an Oscar, and even travelled through time. The only people who know of Jem's secret are her best friends, the other Holograms. In fact, the double life has begun to exhaust Jerrica. Her Jemstar earrings are actually remote micro projectors for Synergy. She touches one of the earrings to activate them and says, "Showtime Synergy," to cue the computer to project the Jem hologram, and "Show's over Synergy,"  to stop the projection. Synergy can project a hologram of anything, and Jerrica has often used 
 Synergy to get her out of a tough jam or to escape from her rivals, the Misfits. The holograms look  and sound as real as can be and she has been able to fool most people that she and Jem are two  separate people. In fact, Jerrica has led her own boyfriend Rio Pacheco into falling in love with her  alter-ego Jem. She doesn't dare tell him the truth, because she's terribly afraid of losing him. So,  Jerrica puts up with the love triangle that she's turned her life into. Most recently, however, Jem has 
also fallen under the charms of Riot, the lead singer of the Stingers. This caused even more trouble for her.  Riot, who is much more easygoing than Rio likes Jem for her mystery, and does not try to find out  who she really is. And so the love-triangle turns into a web of love and mystery.

The Like A Dream version of Jem is a bit more mature than the Jem seen in the cartoon.  She’s had a lot more hardships, but remains a quick-thinker, with a level head on her shoulders.  However, her insecurity as Jerrica remains, as she often wonders if she makes the right decisions for the band. Her whirlwind life never stopping, Jerrica has taken on even more responsibility, after Starlight Music collapsed. She helped with the creation and introduction of WildStar Music, and has even taken on two new Starlight Girls. But this hasn't stopped her from having a personal life.  She's been romantically linked to Rio, Riot, Bass and Fire.

Kimber Benton is the youngest member of Jem and the Holograms. She's only about 19 or 20. She  usually plays either keyboards or guitar in the band.  Since Kimber is still so young, she often acts  impulsively without thinking about the consequences of her actions. She's either leading on her two  boyfriends, or walking out on her friends because she's not always in the spotlight. She does have a  lot of heart though. She always forgives and forgets. She uses that heart in the writing of all of the songs that Jem and the Holograms perform. The death of her parents really affected her. But she's learned to cope, and even make a friend in Stormer, one of the Misfits.

Kimber, after leaving the Holograms, joining The Misfits, becoming Jem for a time, and eventually returning to The Holograms, an older and wiser Kimber has finally realized where she belongs. Thanks to a major discovery, Kimber realized that Emmett Benton planned on giving her, her mother’s Jemstar necklace, and to her surprise, he imbedded it with a direct link to Synergy.  Now Kimber wears the Jemstar necklace wherever she goes, to remember her parents, and Synergy helps her out whenever she gets into trouble.

Aja Leith was Jacqui Benton's first Starlight Girl. She grew up in with Jerrica and Kimber, and shares  most of the same values that they do. Aja plays guitar for the Holograms. Recently she found love  with Craig Phillips, Stormer's brother. This, however, was after a misunderstanding that Stormer was  actually Craig's wife. Aja is a bit hot-headed and stubborn at times. But that has never gotten in the  way of her friendship with the Holograms. Aja is chinese and learned a bit of the language when she  was young. She is also a big fitness fanatic. She's always the one to be giving aerobics lessons to  the Starlight Girls or getting into shape for the next concert.

Hardship and heartache have made Aja all the more tougher since last meeting her. Aja has taken on a leadership role within the Holograms, often serving as Jerrica’s right hand, in addition to handling things on the business end.  A true workaholic, Aja’s dedication to both Starlight Music and Jem and the Holograms is un-wavering.  Big changes occurred in her personality after marrying a criminal, and then after his untimely death. Often she’s regarded as the group’s ice queen, she has been found to allow her heart to melt for the people she cares about.

The newest member of Jem and the Holograms, Amethyste is also the most boisterous. Often being the first to speak her mind, she sometimes gets herself in over her head.  Though she is the most abrasive member, often at ends with Kimber, the two are also a perfect match. Amy has found a family in The Holograms. Amy also has a love for speed and adventure, and is an avid extreme sports enthusiast.

Shana Elmsford was also one of Jacqui Benton's first Starlight Girls. She is very loving and loyal to  her friends, but can often appear to be shy at first glance. However, when someone either upsets her  or her friends, Shana will be the first one to tell that person off. Shana started off in Jem and the  Holograms as their drummer, but later decided to play her guitar in the band. Shana is a fashion  designer and artist. She is the creator of many of the groups outrageous fashions. At one time she  left the group to pursue her fashion career. She also works with Regine helping her with her design  career. She met her current boyfriend Anthony Julian on Countess Du Voisen's yacht.

Shana recently wed her longtime love, Anthony, and since then, the two have been concentrating on their marriage. Shana and Anthony now have a baby daughter named "Jacqui" after Jacqui Benton.

Carmen "Raya" Allonso became Jem and the Holograms new drummer after winning a talent contest held by Starlight Music. The group desperately needed a new drummer while Shana left the band for a short time. However, she stayed with the Holograms and became fast friends with them after accidently discovering Jem's secret. Raya is a very loving person, and gets it from her large latino family. She is the only daughter among three brothers. The family owns and operates a greenhouse in 
South Central Los Angeles.

The most reserved Hologram is often the wildest, when it comes to love, and adventure. Like the other Holograms, Raya has seen love come and go, and has found a deeper bond to her sisters, the Holograms as a result.  Raya spends a lot of her time working with The Starlight Foundation in order to ensure better lives for foster children around the world. And at home, she plays big sister to many of the Starlight Girls, taking special care of the two newest and youngest orphans, Mindy and Tenisha.

Danse-Giselle Dvorak is Jem and the Holograms' choreographer. She, like her mother Nadia, lives for  the dance. Nadia was a famous dancer in the Zagreb Ballet, in Yugoslavia. Danse went through  formal training here in the U.S. Her mother came to the states after Danse's parents separated.  Unfortunately her father was believed dead. He was actually being held prisoner by the evil Victor  Crosach. Separated by a natural disaster, Danse lost contact with her mother. Recently, however,  she has learned of her father being alive, and the two have begun to search for Nadia. Danse is one of  the volunteers for Haven House, a home for teenage runaways.

Danse has been re-united with her long lost cousin, Bass, and together the two traveled to their parents' homeland of Zagreb to discover secrets about their past.  Danse even learned of her long-lost mother.

Vivian Montgomery grew up with a dream of becoming a famous filmmaker. She now is fulfilling that  dream. She's won several awards for her work. She currently works as a music video director, working  with Jem and the Holograms. She first met Jem while filming a documentary on their first movie,  Starbright. They all became good friends and Video is even considered to be one of the un-official  members of theHolograms. She often accompanies them on their trips and concerts. Recently, she 
 and the Holograms traveleld to Mexico to shoot her award winning video. The money was donated to  a school in Mexico. Video's only real threat is that of her cousin, Clash, who always tries to ruin her  career. Yet, time, and time again she gets the jump on her mischevious cousin.

Rio is Jerrica Benton's boyfriend. Rio is Jem's stage manager and technician. The problem is that he  doesn't know that these two women are one and the same. The worst part is that he's fallen in love  with both of them. Rio is one of the most sought-after technical engineers in the state of California. He  is the best there is at what he does. He seems to just have a natural talent for his job. The best part  is that he loves what he does. He and Jerrica grew up together. They've been inseparable ever since.  That is until the mysterious Jem walked into his life. Lately he feels like he's being pulled into 
separate directions. Now with the arrival of the Stingers, Rio is faced with even more competition. It  seems that Riot has also fallen in love with Jem. Plus Minx has decided that Rio would be a perfect  pawn for her to manipulate. The trouble is that he won't give her the tme of day.

After finally breaking up with Jerrica Benton, Rio drifted away from Jem and the Holograms for a while. During this time Rio and Zhana dated for a while. Now back with the group he's supported all this time, Rio finds himself still harboring feelings for Jem.

Synergy is an ultra-advanced computer built by Emmett Benton. She was created to enhance the  enjoyment of music, by linking it to holographic images. He created Synergy and left her to his  daughters as his dying gift. The human image that Synergy maintains is actually based on Emmett's late wife Jacqui.

Synergy is capable of producing holograms of just about anything. In fact, Jerrica wears Synergy's remote transmitters in her Jemstar earrings. That's how she transforms into Jem, by placing a holographic image over her own body.

All of Synergy's holograms can move and act just as their real counteparts do. No waiting for downloads there. Synergy is often used by the girls to get them out of tight situations. Such as the time that Jerrica created a hologram of a monsoon to fool the criminals that were kidnapping them. Synergy seems to have a sentient intelligence all her own. She always tries to help Jerrica and the other girls with their problems just as a mother might. In fact, she has on occasion gone against their wishes in order to help them. One might almost think that Synergy is capable of producing human emotions.

Synergy is capable of creating holograms and sending them all across the world through the earrings by feeding through satellites and modems. When she's wearing the earrings Jerrica is able to have Synergy project up to 2 holograms at a time. One from each earring. So if Jerrica is in her Jem mode, she can only produce one other hologram. Synergy can only project in the line-of-sight from the earrings. So when the earrings are covered or move away from something, the hologram will fade.

Synergy has two forms. One of a human-like form that is projected through the earrings, and the other of the actual computer. The Synergy computer is kept in a secret room in Starlight Mansion which is hidden by a constant holographic "wall."

Synergy, as well as being a hologram projector, is probably one of the most powerful computers in the world. That is the reason that Eric Raymond wants to get his hands on her. He discovered Synergy after hiring a private detective to keep an eye on Jem. All he knows so far is that Jem and the Holograms have some sort of a machine, in which they cannot perfom without. But he did manage to get his hands on a picture of Synergy, which he can release to the press at any time.

It has been determined that Synergy is kept in a room which seperates Jem and Jerrica's rooms. It can be assumed that this room was not originally intended to serve as a bedroom, but instead a large sitting room.  Thanks to Synergy's holographic wall, this room appears as three rooms instead of one. Synergy recently underwent upgrades allowing her holograms to incorporate photon light energy, which gives them substance.  She also bonded with an artificially intelligent holographic projection of Emmett Benton, who often helps the girls out in times of need.