Phyllis Gabor is spoiled rich and rotton. Her mother left when she was very young, and ever since then she has been out of control. She was raised soley by her father, and he often substituted money and gifts for love and attention. She doesn't really know what to expect in a realtionship, so she doesn't have a lot of luck with them. Pizzazz is the undisputed leader of the Misfits, and usually sings lead only. She will be the first to tell you what you can do with yourself, and just how you should do†
it. But if things don't go her way, she'll either threaten your job, or do something even worse. Pizzazz and Jem are arch rivals. Pizzazz feels that Jem has stolen away her spotlight and will do anything it takes to get revenge and see that Jem is no more. Now she has another reason to hate Jem. See Pizzazz is in love with Riot. But since Riot is in love with Jem, he barely even notices she exists. Not even the law seems to stop Pizzazz. After all, if she wants something, all she has to do is ask Daddy†
for it. Pizzazz writes most of the Misfits' songs. She wouldn't have it any other way. They're all full of self-centered lyrics, and hard cutting edge music.

Pizzazz appears to be the only one concerned with the career of The Misfits. Putting old rivalries aside, Pizzazz has been focusing on leading the group to the top of the charts, be it through forming a new group of Misfits or trying to record new music. But each time she tries, she is met with resounding failure.†

Roxanne Pelligrini, is the hard-edged Misfit. She grew up in west Philadelphia and dropped out of school at an early age. In fact, her deepest, darkest secret is that she never learned to read. She's the actual toughest member of the Misfits. While with the other girls, it's mostly an act, Roxy is hard to the soul and mean to the core. She doesn't care who's toes she has to step on to get what she wants. If she's determined to get something, no one will stand in her way. She won't even stop on the account of she's hurting someone, either physically or emotionally. Roxy plays the lead guitar for the Misfits, but can also play drums. She dreams of singing lead, but has only done so on two of the Misfits' songs.

Mary Phillips, is the Misfit with the heart of gold. She's the only real talent of the entire group, able to play both synthesizers and guitar, plus write music, and the other Misfits use her for their own purposes. The problem is, well, she accepts it because she doesn't realize what true potential that she has. So she takes all of ther guff. Occasionally however she has ventured out on her own, leaving the Misfits. In fact, at one point she joined up with Kimber, of Jem and the Holograms. But eventually she turned down Jem's offer to become a Hologram. She realized how much the Misfits actually do need her. Stormer is the sister of Craig Phillips. This originally caused some friction with Aja. Aja originally believed that Craig and Stormer were married.

Stormer has bounced back and forth between tough girl, and pushover more times than a rubber ball. The eating disorder Stormer suffered from, and all the years being pushed around by Roxy and Pizzazz have left Stormer extremely unstable.

An old-school friend of Pizzazz, Roulette bounces in and out of The Misfits whenever she pleases. On the outside it appears that Vanessa Della Rocha doesnít care about anything, but thatís only on the outside. Truth be told, she just wishes to have a little attention from her mother, and sheíll often go to great lengths to do it.

Diamondís evil sister, and a tabloid reporter, you never know just when Jade will show up to make mischief.† She often plays drums for The Misfits but was never accepted as a true member of the group.

Constance Montgomery, is what you might call the Misfits' groupie. She absolutely adores them and would give anything to be one of them. Despite the fact that she can't even play an instrument she still doesn't give up. The Misfits usually use Clash to do their dirtiest work or go under cover to spy on Jem. She has become somewhat of a master of disguise. But her true passion is that of trying to get the upper hand on her cousin Video. She's really jealous of Video's success, and hopes to someday†
become famous too.

Sheila Burns, is the "international" member of the Misfits. She hails all the way from merry old England! She actually grew up dirt-poor in a lower-working class family. But that's not what she'll tell you. Jetta is actually a compulsive liar. She usually tells you that she and her family are British Aristocrats, titles and all. She also says that her family has "oodles of dash" and has kept great company with the Royals! Like Roxy, Jetta has a bit of a mean streak. But, unlike Roxy, she doesn't do it to actually get something. Instead, she'll do it because she enjoys hurting people. Jetta was recruited as a Misfit, as a publicity stunt when Jem decided to get a new member. She fits right in with her "dark side," and her mean saxophone skills make the Misfits' sound all the more unique. But don't ask Roxy what she thinks of Jetta. The two ladies have lots in common, including a hatred for each other.