He's the lead singer of the Stingers and women, like Rapture and Minx follow him blindly. Their music is full of lyrics about tricks and illusions which is what the Stingers thrive on. Rory Llewelyn grew up in a military family. His parents were forced to move all around the world and Rory never had the chance to settle into one place. He did, however, get the chance to meet Minx. Riot always had a fondness for music. This fondness was crushed by his father. His father felt that men who make music are sissies. He wanted his boy to join the military. Eventually Riot did. While on leave one day, Riot met up with his former friend Minx. She was playing in a band called Nirvana. The lead singer had a dispute with another member of the band who walked out on them. Riot offered to fill in for the missing member. Nirvana loved Riot. They invited him to join the group permanently. Riot accepted their offer and went AWOL. Eventually Riot himself had a dispute with the lead singer. Riot and Minx both left in order to form the Stingers. No one knows what happened to Nirvana. Somewhere along the way Riot's ego grew. He now thinks that he's God's gift to women. He has a certain charm about him, in which he can get people to do anything he wants. Lately Riot has set his sights on Jem. He says that Jem is the perfect woman and he's the perfect man so they belong together.

Riot is swimming in the glory that has become his music company.  Stingers Sound, since breaking away from Misfits Music, has surpassed everyone in sheer terms of success.  With 50 or more artists signed to the label, Stingers Sound has truly become an artists' label fulfilling their needs and desires above all else. Through one scheme or another, Riot has come out on top, often leaving his enemies crushed, his ultimate goal; to become the true ruler of the music industry.

Ingrid Krueger. Minx grew up and went to high school with Riot in Germany. She's obnoxious, loud and rude. However she, like Riot, has a charm about her that men cannot resist. In fact, Rio is the only man that Minx has not been able to charm. Minx is very good with Synthesizers. She plays them and even makes them! At one point Minx had a near-death experience which totally changed her attitude. But now she's back to her vicious norm.

Flitting from man to man has left Minx feeling somewhat insecure over the years.  She longs for something more to her life, but doesnít know what.  She continues to be the heartless bitch sexpot of The Stingers, doing anything to please Riot and cause trouble for her adversaries.

Phoebe Ashe is a strange bird with a great imagination. Rapture's into the supernatural. She seems to live in her own world. She's always preferring fantasy to reality. The real world is "mundane" to Rapture, and so she plays her little games with people. At one time she convinced a rich widow woman that she was a medium channelling the spirit of Harry Houdini. Another time she convinced a town in Greece that she was a mystic oracle. Jem and the Holograms, with the help of Astral have several times proven Rapture's lies to be the phonies that they are. Normally Rapture plays the guitar in the band, but has also been known to create outlandish instruments that she says are from far away lands, to fool people.

Rapture still finds her kicks in playing games with peopleís heads. A true con-artist in nature, you canít believe a word she says.  Her only real loyalty lies with Riot and Minx, who she will protect and do anything for. 

Eric Raymond is the lowest of the low. He'll stop to any level to get what he wants, even if it means illegal means. Whether that means espionage, blackmail, kidnapping or embezzling that makes no difference to Eric. He has the lawyers to keep him out of trouble. He was once entrusted with running Starlight Music, and Emmett even left half of it to him. Unfortunately, he lost it to Jerrica in the "Battle of the Music Stars." Now he owns half of Stingers' Sound. He is the manager of the Stingers and Misfits. And he's out for revenge on Jerrica for taking away what was once his. And he'll use Clash, Zipper and Techrat to do whatever it takes to do so.

Eric Raymondís latest machinations left him in hot water with both Misfits Music and Starlight/Wildstar.  Heís now working with Riot, and together, the two have plans cooking for Jem and the Holograms.

Techrat is Eric Raymond's "secret weapon." No one really knows what his origin is, or what he wants out of life. But he's an electronic genius. He can create just about anything, and treats them like they are his very own children. He also has a fear of touching or being touched. He doesn't let anyone touch his devices or his own person. And if someone does touch his belongings he'll go into a seizure squealing, "Don't touch me!!!" That is of course, with the exception of Minx. He allows her to touch both him, and his gadgets. She seems to understand him and he her. Had the series progressed, a relationship would have developed between the two.

Still employed by Riot, and Eric Raymond, Techrat uses his alliesí need for electronic devices as a means to fund his own experiments. But itís those experiments that could be the most dangerous, especially when he plays with time-travel and mind-control.  One slight concern is that many of the "good" characters have seen Techrat now, though they do not know who he is.

A long-time friend of Riotís, and also his lawyer, Dimitri serves as chief of operations at Stingers Sound, a position heís held since the company broke away from Misfits Music. Secretly in love with Riot, Dimitri is fiercely loyal and will do anything he is asked.