Show Type: Sitcom

First Telecast: December 1, 1992

Last Telecast: March 30, 1993

Executive Producers: Tom and Roseanne Arnold

Broadcast History:

December 1992 March 1993, Tuesday 9:30-10:00 on ABC


Jackie Thomas..... Tom Arnold

Jerry Harper..... Dennis Boutsikaris

Laura Miller..... Alison LaPlaca

Bobby Wynn..... Paul Feig

Grant Watson..... Michael Boatman

Nancy Mincher..... Maryedith Burrell

Chas Walker..... Breckin Meyer

Doug Talbot..... Martin Mull

Sophia Ford..... Jeannetta Arnette

Stephanie..... Ann Cusack


Life on the set of a hit TV sitcom was itself a sitcom in this boisterous comedy starring Tom Arnold, which followed his wife's hit series, Roseanne on the ABC Tuesday-night schedule. Parallels with real life abounded: Jackie Thomas was a Midwestern slaughterhouse worker and stand-up comic (like Tom) who got his own series and proceeded to drive his network and staff crazy (like Roseanne).

A big, grinning, egotistical, obnoxious oaf, he was as innocent as a child and just as self-centered. His harried staff included new head writer Jerry, a serious-minded man with impeccable credentials, as well as Laura and Grant.

The Jackie Thomas Show was developed by Roseanne Arnold to give Tom his big chance; unfortunately the real-life series was a flop. Tom tried again the following season on CBS with Tom, which was no more successful.