This page is a resource for Jem fans to gather information on Internet sites dedicated to the television show about the  female-rock band trying to make a name for themselves in the wild and colorful world of the 1980's! If you've stumbled upon this page accidently, it is a part of Hollywood Jem.
Hollywood Jem 
For information and tons of pictures on every aspect of the Jem universe. History, toys, the cartoon, plus information on all the Jem characters. This one is a must see for all Jem fans. 

Jem Grrrlz 
This is the *BEST* Jem toy site on the 'Net. It has almost everything!  Plus see more history of the Jem concept, and Jem shopping links! 

Like A Dream 
Lynne has gone out of her way to compile a complete and accurate list of every single lyric to every single song that appeared in the Jem show! Also vote for Jem favorites while you're there and see what Lynne has for sale! 

Jessica's Jem site has pictures, music, the Universal Appeal Award and lots more! Plus Jessica is the owner of the Jem Web Ring! Wanna join? 

Starlight Music 
At Becca's Jem site you can check      out original pictures, more Jem music and even go to Stingers' Sound! 

Shelly Lee's Jem page has original fan fiction, music, pictures and more! 

Aja's Jem Campaign 
Another dedicated page trying to get Jem back on the air! Part of CybertOOn's CartOOn Campaign! 

Jem Starrz 
A fun page to visit featuring all three of the bands from the Jem cartoon. 

Jem's Starlight Jukebox! 
This is my favorite Jem music page. Go here to download lots of Real Play Jem Songs.  

Like A Dream:  
The Jem Roleplaying Adventure  
We'll lead to a place you've never seen before in this fan fiction roleplay! 
Salute to the Holograms 
Caroline is starting up a great little Jem page of her own. It includes Jem poetry, episode summaries, and fan art! 

Glamour and Glitter 
Charlene's Jem page has original doll clothes designs, the 10th Anniversary Jem Design, a gallery and all of those wonderful songs! 

The World of Jem  
When it comes to a gallery of pictures from the Jem cartoon, this page has everyone beat. There are dozens and dozens of pictures of what it would be like to live in a world where the Jem cartoon took place! 

Jem Star Site 
A unique take on the Jem series with special sections devoted to the Stingers, Jem's love life and even Jerrica! Plus fan art and stories! 

Jem Zone 
A Jem page featuring different MP3 formatted songs every week!