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Michael T. Weiss didn't start out as Jarod in "The Pretender". He also had gigs on other television series. Here's a sampling:

Doctor Mike Horton, Days of Our Lives

Here he is in the mid-to-late-80s playing Dr. Michael Horton in the long-lived soap opera (aka "daytime drama") "Days of Our Lives". This is where we first saw him, and we were hooked ever since. His character went through his fair share of soap-opera mishaps (being accused as a rapist at one point), but also had his fun and light moments. In "Dr. Mike" we got to see Michael T. Weiss learn and grow as an actor, and he seemed to enjoy every minute of it.


Dr. Mike arrives in Salem

The Horton charm

a Christmas elf

overcome with sadness at a wedding

thankful he was able to stop a rape


We liked him in "Days of Our Lives" so much, in fact, that we've added another LINK to two collages of images of him in the series: DAYS OF OUR LIVES COLLAGE.

Peter Bradford, Dark Shadows

Here he is in 1991 in the revival of "Dark Shadows". The series was originally a gothic soap opera in the 60's, but it was resurrected in the 90's with Ben Cross as Barnabas Collins. Unfortunately, the network wasn't behind the project 100%, kept changing its air dates and times without warning viewers, and then just sort of let the series fall off the air. Michael T. Weiss played two characters in it for the season it was on: Peter Bradford (as shown here) an 18th century defense attorney, and Joe Haskell, a fisherman in the 20th century. The series is available on video cassette direct from MPI. For some reason, we liked him better as Peter than as Joe... Must've been all that Victorian-Era clothing or something.

Michael T. Weiss in Dark Shadows

Roger Tabor, 2000 Malibu Road

Here he is in the early 90's when he played Roger Tabor in the series "2000 Malibu Road" (with Drew Barrymore, Linda Hartman-Black, and Jennifer Beals). Yes. He was a blonde in this show. The series didn't last very long (only a half a season) and it's too bad, too, because Weiss's "Roger" was just starting to get interesting when the series was cancelled (supposedly because it cost too much to make). Like "Dark Shadows", Michael T. Weiss had dual roles in this series, too. He was Roger and then he was a guy who claimed he WASN'T Roger but who looked just like Roger. Viewers never found out what was going on, though, because the series was cancelled before the "mystery Roger's" true identity was revealed.

Michael T. Weiss in 2000 Malibu Road

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