I Dream of Jeannie

Hello Master! Those are typical words that Jeannie would say to Major Anthony Nelson, her master. It all started one day when Tony was on the beach and saw an old Genie's lamp. He rubbed it and Jeannie came out and now caters to his every wish (Well,sorta). Tony and Roger Healy work at the NASA space station in Koko Beach, Florida. Jeannie is lovable, kind-hearted, but often mischievious! She accidentaly gets them into bad situtions (but usually they cause them)! A real sitcom needs a character that is constantly annoying people and coming in at the wrong time. Make no mistake that this sitcom always has Dr. Alfred Bellows filling in that position along with his wife, Amanda. So don't feel "all bottled up" about this show. Find your master and watch it!