Sanford and Son

"Elizabeth, I'm comin' to join you honey! I'm having the big one!" That was Fred Sanford's favourite line whenever he wanted people to feel sorry for him. "Sanford and Son" was an early seventies comedy about Fred Sanford, an old man with a junk yard and his son Lamont. They lived in a raggety old house with an old red '57 Chevy pick up. Lamont was the practical one, always cautious and careful. Fred, on the other hand, was flamboyant and threw caution to the wind. The two made for a hilarious show. Other characters included Aunt Esther, Fred's sister-in law who came over to torment Fred. Deep down, she blamed Fred for the death of her sister, Elizabeth. Another regular was Bubba, Fred's good-natured pal who lived across the street from them. If you want some great classic comedy, watch Sanford and Son.