Wayne & Shuster

And now we present the two and only... Wayne & Shuster! These guys are the best! I would have to say that this is one of my fave shows. Shown above is my fave of the two, Frank Shuster. Every week, Johnny Wayne and his good buddy Frank Shuster came into your living room doing a humourous documentary "The Wonderful World of the World", their many westerns, mysteries,and of course, Ancient Rome spoofs. Now, through the wonderful comedy network, every morning and afternoon, there are reruns of this spectacular program. OK, maybe I do like to procrastinate on this subject, but I love these guys! Anyways, Wayne usually plays the "good guy" and Shuster plays the "bad guy." In my opinion, Shuster is way too sweet (and good-looking) to play the bad guy. Which leaves me to Wayne. Large eyebrows and lecherous disposition aside, he's still a sweetie (especially when he imitates Columbo)! Unfortunately, Johnny Wayne passed away in 1990. Shuster, too, has unfortunately died as well, in 2002. They were both wonderful men. What can I say...Watch the show! I promise I will shut up if you guys watch it! So, go! NOW!