Three's Company

You've heard two's company, but three? This mid seventies comedy is extremely hilarious! Janet Wood and Crissy (Christmas) Snow have lost a room mate after their friend Eleanore leaves. They find Jack Tripper, a trainee chef, and decide that he is the perfect room mate (strictly platonic). The only problem is their landlord, Mr. Roper. He won't allow a man to live with two girls. So when Crissy and Jack are lamenting about what to do, Janet concocts a plan and tells Roper that Jack is gay(which he is definitely NOT). Mr. Roper being quite daft, he lets him stay and from there on it's Three's company. The show revolves around misunderstandings and funny situations. Janet is the smart and the nicest one, Crissy is naive, gullible, and not very smart, but she is very nice, and Jack is nice but misguided. Roper's wife, Helen, is really nice and knows that Jack is not gay but doesn't tell. Jack's crazy friend Larry, is usually nothing but trouble, getting Jack into lots of crazy schemes. Everyone's fave hangout is The Regal Beagle, a local bar.