Dawson Creek Season 2 Episode Guide

Season 2

Title Description
The Kiss Joey and Dawson fall prey to the insecurities and uncertainties that creep up when friendship blossoms into a romance; Joey and Dawson goes out on a date to the closing of the Rialto, which was showing "The Last Picture Show"; Jen begins to cope with her grandfather's death; Mitch, who is shunning Gail's sexual advances, has a secret meeting with a divorce lawyer; Pacey runs into Andie's car (Andie McPhee, new cast member played by Meredith Monroe); Andie decides to set Pacey up with the head cheerleader, Christy Livingstone, who Pacey has the hots for. Air Date: October 7, 1998.
Crossroads Mitch remains angry about Gail's affair, but makes Gail a surprising proposition; Dawson invades Joey's privacy by reading her diary; Pacey's friends do not remember his birthday; Pacey throws a bash anyways, but everyone seems to igmore him, except Andie; Abby Morgan (Monica Keena) and Jen booze it up at the bash and Jen pledges to get Dawson back, with Abby's help; Jack McPhee (Kerr Smith), Andie's brother starts working at the Icehouse as a dishwasher. Air Date: October 14, 1998.
Alternative Lifestyles Dawson's parents bring down Joey's ladder to Dawson's room; when Jen and Dawson get paired up for a class project, Abby convinces Jen to seize this opportunity, while Pacey's pairing with Andie brings them closer; Abby gets paired up with a dweeb; Joey, partnerless, struggles with her project until she decides to find a single parent role model to help with her project; Bessie gets angry when Joey refuses her as a role model and chooses Laura (Tamara Taylor), an interior designer, as a role model; Mitch announces to Gale that Thursday nights would be "open marriage" night; a woman from Pacey's past makes a brief appearance at the show's closing. Air Date: October 21, 1998.
Tamara's Return Joey's newfound passion for art drives a wedge between she and Dawson; Joey goes to the Capeside art museum with Jack and sees a different side of him; Laura encourages Joey to pursue her art skills; while continuing to develop his flirtation with Andie McPhee, Pacey unexpectedly bumps into Tamara and realizes that he is far from over her; Tamara is in town to show a warehouse to a possible buyer, Mitch; Jen and Abby meet a handsome stranger, Vincent; Abby likes him but Vincent likes Jen, creating friction between Abby and Jen; Andie visits Dawson and wonders if Pacey has talked to him about her. Air Date: October 28, 1998.
Full Moon Rising The full moon wreaks havoc on the citizens of Capeside; Pacey and Andie agree to go out on a date; Pacey and Andie couldn't find where they were supposed to meet on the date; Pacey ends up at Andie's house and Andie's mom invites Pacey to set up for dinner; Andie's mom went to get Tim (Andie and Jack's older brother); Andie shows up and tries to get Pacey to leave; Pacey thinks the reason is that he wasn't good enough but the actual reason was that Tim was actually deceased, but her mom still believes that Tim is alive; Pacey comforts Andie; Gale entertains a visiting executive at home, which puts a strain on her relationship with Mitch, until Ms. Jacobs showed up to discuss the sale with Mitch; Gale and Mitch have an argument; Dawson loses it and has a talk with his parents; when Mitch is alone with Dawson, Mitch breaks down and Dawson comforts him; Jen has a date with Vincent, while Grams attends bible class; Vincent and Jen start kissing and Vincent climbs atop Jen with her on the kitchen table; Jen gets uncomfortable and blurts out that she was only 16; Grams walks in at that moment and lays the law down on Vincent; with Jen on the front steps, Grams reams out Jen and tells her that she'll have to show more respect from this moment forth; a strange power outage hits the Icehouse; Jack steals a kiss from Joey; Joey feels weird after this and seeks solace on the roof of Dawson's house with Dawson. Air Date: Nov 4, 1998.
The Dance Andie convinces the gang to attend the Capeside High School dance; they also decide to set up Jen with Jack; Dawson's parents decide to separate; Mitch moves out and has second thoughts about it; Pacey refuses to dance with Andie because he said that he didn't know how; Abby tries to breakup Christie (the cheerleader) and Brett (the jock); Abby succeeds and Christie sulks in the hall; Pacey bumps into Christie and charms her; they decide to dance; Andie walks in and catches them; Andie walks away angrily; Jack and Joey argue about the kiss in the hall and Dawson overhears the conversation; Dawson slugs Jack after Jack said that if he had to do it again, he would; Joey waits for Dawson in his room and then announces that she had to find a future for herself on her own; Joey then ran away; Dawson then kicks down Joey's ladder from the roof. Air Date: November 11, 1998.
All-Nighter Joey tries to be on talking terms with Dawson after their break-up; Dawson doesn't want to talk to Joey; the gang must pull an all-nighter to study for an English Lit mid-term, worth 50% of the final grade; they (Dawson, Pacey, Joey, Jen, Chris and Andie) meet at Chris's house; some of the gang had different agendas: Chris, the school's ladies' man, wants to bed Jen, Pacey wanted to watch the satellite dish, etc ...; during a break, they decide to take a purity test; Chris and Jen sleep together; Andie finds out about Pacey's past with Ms. Jacobs; Andie gets mad; Andie and Pacey make up; the smartass sister of Chris's (Dina) gets chummy with Dawson; Dina reveals that Joey had two great loves in her life, according to Joey's purity test; Dina offers Joey's results to Dawson provided she gets a kiss; Dawson goes ballistic on Dina about one kiss changing everything; Joey and Dawson have a talk and Joey said that her two great loves were Dawson, before and after; they reveal that they still love each other, although Joey would like some space; Dawson kisses a sleeping Dina on the forehead; they wake up at 6 am for another cram session. Air Date: November 18, 1998.
Reluctant Hero Elated by the news he receives from the Boston Film Festival, Dawson wants to share the triumph with Joey, whose less-than-enthusiastic response dampens his jubilant mood; Pacey's guidance counselor paints a bleak picture of his future; Andie helps him buckle down; they decide to study together at Andie's house; as Joey pulls away from Dawson, Jack edges a little closer; Chris invites Jen, who has recently taken to drinking, to a party; Jack asks Joey out on a date; Dawson decides to split the $2500 prize with Joey; upon leaving Joey's place, he bumps into Jack coming to pick up Joey for their date; awkwardness prevailed, but no fisticuffs; Mitch wants to be buddies with Dawson, but Dawson didn't want to; Mitch offers his key to Dawson and said that his new pad is open to him whenever he needs it; Dawson decides to go to the party with Jen, as a friend, not as a date; Dawson notices the reckless behaviour at the party; Chris taunts Dawson with some jibes; Andie's mom is creating a disturbance at the market; Chris and his buddy escort a drunk Jen upstairs for a threesome; Dawson barges in and breaks up the "orgy" before anything got started; Jen throws up outside; Dawson takes Jen to Mitch's place to sober up; Jack takes Joey home and kisses her; Joey said that she had a good time; Pacey managed to get Andie's mom out of the store, endearing himself to Andie; Joey comes through Dawson's window and noticed that Dawson was not there; there was a stuffed shark on Dawson which Joey cuddled for a second before leaving. Air Date: November 25, 1998.
The Election Jen critiques Dawson's script by saying that it was too mature, mostly because it was coming from a person who hasn't really experienced adolescent things; Andie decides to run in the school election and asks Joey to be her running mate; the key opponents are Chris and Abby; Gale calls Mitch over to fix the dishwasher and they both get wet; things get hot and they start to make out in the kitchen; Dawson walks in and thinks reconciliation and discreetly leaves with a smile; Joey was reluctant at first but decided to do it after being verbally tormented by Abby; Jen decides to teach Dawson about adolescence by doing wild things; she tried to get Dawson to steal something but Dawson puts it back before leaving the store; during the election debate, Abby attacks Andie regarding her mentally-ill mom and says that mental illness is handed down; Andie breaks down in tears and runs away; Jack searches for Andie and pushes Joey away for trying to help; Pacey finds Andie hiding in the washroom; Dawson visits Mitch and he tells Dawson that the the sex in the kitchen was only a relapse and will never ever happen again; Jack tells a depressed Andie to go back to her medication; Dawson tells Jen to show him his missed adolescence; they toilet paper someone's house and go skinny dipping; Dawson gets excited and kisses Jen in the lake; Jen tells Dawson that she enjoys their friendship and wants to keep it that way; Abby does her spiel on the PA system; when it got to Andie's turn, she was so rattled by Abby's tauntings that she couldn't find the words; Pacey asks Abby why she was only a running mate, and she puts down everyone in the school; unfortunately, Pacey had this broadcasted on the PA system; Jack meets up with Joey to apologize and they walk home hand in hand; Mitch sends over the divorce papers for signing; Andie goes back to her medication to deal with her depression. Air Date: December 16, 1998.
High Risk Behavior Dawson and Jen audition people for Dawson's autobiographical movie; everyone questions the lack of sex in Dawson's movie; Dawson later even questions it himself, eventually leading him to climb through Jen's window; he kisses Jen in her bed; Pacey and Andie get closer and closer; Pacey brings to life Andie's ultimate date fantasy; when things get hot and heavy, it's Pacey who says that it wasn't the right time; after messing up Joey's sketch, Jack offers to pose nude for Joey; it was uncomfortable at first for Joey; later, while talking, Jack was describing his first sexual experience to Joey, he got an erection; Joey almost freaked out, but once fully-clothed, calmer heads prevailed and they kissed.

Featured Music: Chris Isaak, Save Ferris, Swirl 360.

Air Date: January 13, 1999.

Sex, She Wrote Show begins with the respective couples saying goodbye from their encounters. During English class, Chris discovers a heartfelt note sent from one lover to another--a couple who has just slept together. Chris turns it over to Abby. She decides that figuring out who the two are is perfect fodder for her English class oral report on the mystery genre. In the cafeteria, Pacey seems to be standoffish when Andie tries to talk to Pacey about their evening. After some investigation, Abby sends mysterious invitations to a late-night meeting in the English classroom to all suspects. Tension builds as the "suspects" squirm, embarrassing revelations and accusations fly, especially between Joey and Dawson. Joey was mad because she thought that Dawson had slept with Jen; Dawson was mad because he thought Jack and Joey had slept together. That was all unfounded when the truth came out. It was Pacey who wrote the letter. Jen reamed Abby out for all the lives she had ruined. When it came for Abby to present her findings in class, she backed off and accepted an "F" instead. Jack and Jen met in an empty classroom to discuss their second string status. Jen said that she didn't sleep with Dawson bacause Dawson wasn't all there for her; Jack reveals that he didn't sleep with Joey because he couldn't get it up. Pacey jumps into Andie's car to explain his behavior. He said that he was terrified, since everything was changing ... with Andie's help, Pacey got an "A" on an assignment. Pacey confesses his love for Andie. Pacey and Andie make up. Dawson and Joey wait out the rain together and they realize that sex didn't happen with someone else because it wasn't with the right person. They decide to restart their relationship ... slowly. They walk arm in arm through the rain.

Featured Music: Seal, New Radicals

Air Date: January 20, 1999.

Uncharted Waters Show begins in Dawson's room with Dawson and Pacey; Dawson makes adjustments to his script; Pacey fires a bullseye into Dawson's dartboard; they talk about the weekend father-son fishing trip; Pacey talks about his hard-to-please dad.

While the boat prepares to leave, Jack climbs aboard. This disturbs Dawson and Pacey apologizes for not telling him. Gale invites the girls to her home to do a piece on teen trends. Andie arrives to find Abby there. This disturbs her.

Gale tries an interview but nobody wanted to talk. They decided to take a break. Abby jumps at this opportunity to check out Dawson's room. Back on the boat, Jack lays down the law to Dawson and says that he wasn't about to hand Joey over to him. The girls find a porn movie in Dawson's room and begin watching it. Pacey and Dawson are at odds, mostly because Pacey's dad berates him at every opportunity, yet talks about the perfect father-son relationship that Mitch and Dawson has. Abby berates Jen and everyone seems to have fun with that. Gale walks in to end the porn watching session. Jen stops Joey in the hall and wonders why Joey is still hostile at her.

The fishing crew visit a tavern; Gale initiates a female-bonding session in which Jen comes to terms with their precarious relationship; Abby starts ripping everybody and was kicked out; Mitch and Dawson have a talk, and Dawson wonders if Mitch was okay; Pacey deliberately loses a game to his dad to satisfy his expectations, although he could have won easily; Jack feels sick and tells Dawson about it; Pacey props his drunk dad along the beach and when his dad plops down on the beach dead drunk, Pacey has a one-sided father-son talk; Pacey cries and wonders what he has to do to make his dad love him for what he is.

Pacey reels in a big fish; Gale tells Joey that she has always wanted a daughter and that Joey can be a surrogate daughter; they hug and Gale kisses her; Andie leaves only to find Abby still in the yard; Abby spent the night out there; Andie wonders why Abby was always so mean; Abby breaks down and says that her life was so dull, she likes to "create drama"; when Abby's mom arrived, Abby offered Andie a ride and she accepted. Joey tells Jen she respects her and Jen sheepishly replied that she did, too. Pacey wins the trophy, only to be berated by his dad again; Dawson tells Pacey that he respects Pacey; Mitch brings Dawson home and almost goes into the house by mistake, not realizing that he didn't live there anymore.

Featured Music: Matthew Ryan, B*witched, Far Too Jones, Robynn Ragland

Air Date: January 27, 1999.

His Leading Lady Joey and Dawson have their first post-breakup movie night. Joey is surprised that Dawson is taking it so well.

Dawson interrupts Joey during art class, and didn't realize that he was doing so, till he saw a nude model (Devon) posing. Andie pops some Xanax in the bathroom when Pacey was visiting. Pacey notices an empty pill bottle in the trash. Dawson bumps into Devon in the library and wonders if she would like to audition for one of the leads in the movie. Tyson Hicks carries groceries in for Grams and meets with Jen.

Devon shows up at the Icehouse to study Joey mannerisms. Filming begins for Dawson's movie. Chris and Devon had the lead roles.

Ty, who was also helping out with the movie, flirts with Jen. A collage of movie making sequences begins. Chris and Devon have trouble relating to the characters. Dawson pulls them aside to tell them where they should draw their emotions from. Joey gets unnerved since Devon keeps following her around to study her. Andie, who was the prop girl, snaps when Devon loses a piece of jewellry. Andie tells Pacey to leave her alone, after Pacey confronts her about the pills. Joey, who is unnerved that her life and times with Dawson, is replayed in Dawson's movie pulls him aside to discuss things. Dawson yells at Joey and leaves saying that the movie was the one that that keeps him going.

Grams is impressed that Jen is in charge of Dawson's production. Jen and Ty go out on a date, but Ty said he has to stop by Lloyd's house. Surprise! Jen gets roped into a bible class much to her dismay. Pacey scales the wall to Andie's room to say that "we can do it together." Chris and Devon go out for a bite to eat after the filming, but Dawson declined to go with them. Joey comes by to talk with Dawson. Joey says that they will always be connected. Dawson said that day by day, he hopes to let go a little bit. Joey kind of agreed with him. At that moment, Jack appeared. Dawson was civil towards Jack and thanked him for helping out. Dawson told them to go and enjo themselves. Before leaving, Joey turned and said, "Good Night", to Dawson.

Featured Music: Barenaked Ladies, Bruce Springsteen

Air Date: February 3, 1999

To Be or Not to Be Dawson, Jack and Pacey unveil Jack's scale model of Capeside in Dawson's room; Pacey leaves to work on Mr. Peterson's poetry assignment; Jack stays behind while Dawson's takes shots for his movie using the scale model.

Ty tracks down Jen and wonders why she hasn't been returning his calls. Pacey and Mr. Peterson have a confrontation in class after Peterson returns Pacey's assignment due to poor handwriting. Pacey whispers something to Jack and Peterson forces Jack to read his assignment out loud. The topic was about a man. Jack breaks down and leaves.

Dawson tells Joey to have a talk with Jack, to see if he was gay. Joey thinks Dawson has ulterior motives. Pacey tells Andie to talk to Jack. Ty keeps calling Jen. Joey talks to Jack. Ty and Jen go to a club. Peterson makes Jack continue from last day. Pacey decides to read it instead. Peterson writes Pacey a pass to the principal's office. Pacey fires a spitball in Peterson's face.

The hearing takes place in the principal's office, to no avail. They decide to continue next morning, hoping to hear Pacey's apology. Jack dumps on Pacey for butting into his life. Milo offers Jack some pamphlets on alternate lifestyles. Someone scrawls, "FAG", on Jack's locker. Joey kisses Jack in front of the other students to prove that he was not gay.

Andie, who was resenting Jack, has a talk with Jack to apologize. Joey asks Dawson for advice as to whether he should come out and ask Jack whether he was gay. Dawson says that honesty is the best policy and that Joey should go and ask Jack. Joey kisses Dawson on the cheek to thank him for the advice. The hearing takes place. Pacey apologizes for the spitting event, but not the intention. He was suspended for a week. Pacey goes to the dock and Andie meets up with him. Pacey wonders why Andie wanted him to apologize rather than stand up to the system. Pacey tells her that he felt responsible because he got Jack into trouble. Joey asks Jack if he was gay and he said that he was not. They hug. Camera closes in on Jack's face with his mouth open. It looks like he lied to Joey.

Featured Music: Goo Goo Dolls, Chris Isaak, Hootie and the Blowfish, Lisa Loeb

Air Date: February 10, 1999

That Is The Question After being suspended, Pacey hides out in Dawson's room. Pacey hasn't talked to Andie for a week.

Pacey returns to class only to be berated by Peterson again. Joey invites Jack to dinner. Pacey finally talks to Andie only to end up arguing. Jack and Andie are summoned to see Mr. Milo. They meet their dad there.

Apparently, Mr. Milo had called Mr. McPhee in. Jack cancels his date with Joey. Joey accepts a previous invitation to go to the club with Dawson, Ty and Jen. Ty surprises everyone by playing the piano. Pacey checks out the teaching guidelines. Jack is quiet over dinner with Andie and Mr. McPhee. Dad asks Jack if he was gay. He decides to resolve the situation since their family had enough problems already. Joey and Dawson dance.

Jen and Ty fight because Ty said that gay people learn to be gay. Dawson walks Joey home. Joey wonders if Jack had chosen her because she was safe. Pacey tells Principal Markey that he has found cause to put Peterson before the board to face the music regarding his cruelty to students. As Dad leaves, Jack confronts his dad and reveals that he was gay. Andie tells Dad to leave.

Jack makes another date with Joey. English class was cancelled ... no Peterson. Jack thanks Pacey for his support. Jen tells Ty that they have too many differences. Ty said that he wants to grow together, to see another point of view. Andie and Pacey apologize to each other. Joey prepares a torchlight dinner for Jack. Jack reveals to Joey that he was gay. Jack touched Joey's hand. Joey climbs the ladder to Dawson's room and cries in Dawson's arms.

Featured Music: The Devlins, Audra and Alayna, Din Petals

Air Date: February 23, 1999

Be Careful What You Wish For Dawson is about to turn 16 and he tells Pacey that everything was exactly the same. He vows to change things and first up was to win Joey back.

Mitch surprises everybody by cooking pancakes. Mitch talks to Gale about joint presents for Dawson. Gale said that she had already purchased Dawson a gift ... an Explorer. Joey plans a surprise party for Dawson. Abby and her buddies harass Jack at the Icehouse. Andie sees her therapist. She tells Andie to have one night of imperfection. Ty plants a kiss on Jen. Dawson and Joey take a walk and he tells her he wants it to be the way it was. Joey says, "No", and Dawson leaves mad.

Pacey, Andie and Dawson go cruising in the police car. They head for a club. Jack arrives at the party and he gets the attention of Abby. Andie and Dawson decide to let loose for one, indulging in rum and Coke. Abby convinces Jack that he might be bisexual. Dawson and Andie get on stage to sing the blues.

The waitress decides to check for I.D. and they decide it was a good time to leave. Jen and Ty neck in Dawson's new car. Ty stops because he doesn't believe in premarital sex. He ends up saying the wrong things and Jen gets mad. Dawson shows up at the party drunk. Joey tries to take Dawson to his room to get some coffee into him. They catch Jack and Abby under the covers. Dawson goes downstairs and rants at everyone. He kisses Joey before falling face first into the cake.

Dawson and Andie are in the washroom throwing up. Dawson and Andie swear off drinking. Gale and Mitch chat on the porch and Gale decided to bring the Explorer back. Dawson wasn't ready for such a responsibility based on his behaviour. Joey and Jack talked ... Jack said that he was still gay. Ty breaks up with Jen and hopes that one day they can get back together. Jen slams the door in his face. Dawson is lying on his bed and Joey enters. Dawson apologizes for saying those things at the party. Joey understands. Joey tells Dawson that she needs to find out she's a whole person ... alone. Dawson tells her to do that quickly. Dawson says, "I love you", and then falls asleep. Joey says, "I love you", shortly thereafter. She notices the first snowfall outside and goes to the window to make a wish hoping it would come true, just like they did when Dawson and Joey were kids.

Featured Music: Natalie Merchant, Marvelous 3, Blondie

Air Date: March 3, 1999

Psychic Friends Dawson has a nightmare where Jack gets credit for his movie and Jack runs off with Joey.

Nicole Kennedy (Madchen Amick) is now the film class teacher. Mitch is subbing at the school. Jack and Joey have lunch together and "nickname" the people at the cashier line. Andie convinces Pacey to man the "Captain Skippy" hand puppet booth. Joey nicknames Dawson as a "Leo" when he was in line. Joey visits a psychic at the fair and she tells her that "a tall dark man will come into your life." Nicole said that she would like to see Dawson's film.

Colin Manchester (Nick Stabile) likes the pictures at Joey and Jack's exhibit. Joey thinks that this was the tall dark man and Jack tells her to go after him. An old guy at the fair sees Grams and recognizes her. Joey catches up with Colin and he said that he would like to photograph her, after pawing Joey like a photographer. The old guy makes a date with Grams. Pacey gets rattled by a brat in the crowd.

Jen prepares Grams for the date. Jack decides to tag along during the photo shoot. At the end of the photo shoot, Colin and Joey gets close and just when Joey was expecting a kiss, Colin asked if Jack was dating anyone ... turns out he's gay, too. Joey sets up Jack with Colin. Jack gets mad at Joey for doing that. Nicole watches Dawson's film and tears it to shreds. Jack tells Joey that he wasn't ready. Dawson, who is in the dumps now, sees his life crumbling around him: he sees Nicole get into Mitch's car; he sees Joey and Jack hug; etc ...

Andie is depressed because the psychic forecast worse things ahead. Pacey consoles her and told her not to trust a $5 psychic. Joey tells Colin that Jack wasn't coming. Colin tells Joey that he was coming out of a relationship, too ... and thinking about it now, he didn't know why they broke up, but he's now at a point where it was impossible to go back. The old guy cancels the date with Grams, citing the need to attend to his sick wife. Dawson gets cornered by the psychic and she pulls out "The Lovers" tarot card. He is told that which is lost can be found again. Dawson tries to call Joey but there was no answer. Joey was actually on her way to see Dawson. Just minutes away, Dawson turns off his lights to go to sleep. Joey decides to head home instead and a figure is hovering on her doorsteps. It was Joey's dad.

Featured Music: Natalie Merchant, Donna Lewis, Semisonic

Air Date: March 10, 1999

Perfect Wedding Dawson and his mom rewatch Dawson's movie. Dawson is still depressed that Nicole didn't like it. His mom tells him that this was only a setback and he has a wonderful future. Gale said that he misses Mitch.

Joey's dad makes breakfast. Joey is still uncomfortable with the idea that his dad is catering a high-society wedding. Bessie is more excited than Joey. Dawson, encouraged by his mom, decides to re-edit the movie. The gang is recruited to help out at the wedding, except for Jen and Abby. Jen seeks out Abby and they become buddies again. Andie, who wasn't into weddings, decide to go only on Pacey's coaxings. Pacey wanted to convince Andie that she was a closet romantic. After hearing the news from Jack, Dawson goes to see Joey about the return of her dad. I guess that Dawson was kind of wondering why he wasn't the first to know, but he didn't reveal this to Joey. Joey just excused it by saying that he was looking for Dawson but couldn't find him.

At the wedding reception, Gale vows to get Mitch back. Unfortunately, an anchor in this plan was Nicole, who showed up as Mitch's date. Pacey and Andie were preparing the cake in the kitchen. Andie knocks the top off the wedding cake. Dawson catches the bride crying and she wanted to back out. Jen and Abby decide to crash the party. Jack decides to talk to the bride. Joey's dad overhears Joey complaining to Bessie about her dad.

The bride locks herself in the bathroom. Jack talks to the bride and convinces her to walk the aisle. Jack tells Dawson that he just knows what to say. Jack tells Dawson to force a connection with Joey; even he realizes that they're soulmates. Pacey and Andie tries to fix the cake. Joey talks to her dad. Nicole and Mitch approaches Gale and Dawson ... very uncomfortable situation. Abby decides to hit on the married men at the wedding. Andie kicks Jen and Abby out. Dawson has a talk with Joey and straightens her out, telling her that she was the strongest person he knows.

Joey tells her dad she loves him. Joey wanted to have her dad meet the world. Her dad said that he wasn't ready. Pacey and andie managed to fix the cake. Jen and Abby get drunk by the docks. Abby falls off the dock into the water. Jen dives in after her. Dawson dances with her mother when he that she was bummed out. Joey's dad (Mike) arrives at the front door in a suit. Mike dances with Joey. Her mother said that there was someone who wanted to dance with Dawson. They swapped partners and Joey and Dawson kissed. Abby gets fished out of the water and body-bagged. This was really Abby since they showed her face before they zipped up the body bag.

Featured Music: Music from the DC Soundtrack; Shawn Mullins, Nikki Hassman, Chantal Kreviazuk

Air Date: April 28, 1999

Abby Morgan, Rest in Peace Dawson and Joey kiss and climbs the ladder to Dawson's room. Jen is there crying and tells them of Abby's drowning. Joey comforts her.

A grief counsellor appears at the school. Jennifer can't deal with it and walks out. Joey said that she didn't want to go to the funeral; she hasn't even visited her mother's grave in three years. Jen blames Andie for Abby's death. Gale gets offered a job in Philadelphia as a network correspondent. Abby's mother asks Andie to give an eulogy.

Andie wants to see Abby's room. Andie and Pacey read Abby's diary. In it, everyone is ripped to shreds. Dawson goes to see his dad. Mitch was nonchalant about Gale leaving. Jen and Grams have an argument.

Dad and Joey have breakfast. Joey said that the picture of her mom in her head was fading. Dad says that she remembers Mom by looking at Joey. Andie is lost as what to say. Jen speaks at the funeral and puts down God, citing the sadistic nature of God. Grams gets offended and walks out. Andie spoke next and said that Abby pushed her to be stronger.

Dawson said that he was happy; Joey said that she was happy, too. Joey said that she had to go someplace and asked Dawson to come with her. Jen become apologetic towards Andie. Joey visits the grave of her mom, Lillian Josephine Potter. When Jen arrived at home, Grams was packing Jen's stuff into bags. Jen tried to apologize and Grams would hear nothing of it. Andie goes into Abby's room to get the diary. She looks in the mirror and sees Abby. She turns around and no one was there.

Featured Music: Sophie B. Hawkins, Shooter, Curtis Stigers, Paula Cole

Air Date: May 5, 1999

Uninvited The gang are in Dawson's room for movie night. Jen is staying at Dawson's house after Grams gave her the boot.

Andie shows up at school with a new brunette look. A new guy stares at Andie in the hall. Dawson and Joey decide to do something different on their one-month anniversary. Gale talks with Jen. Nicole and Mitch go to a French restaurant. Dawson and Joey go to the same restaurant. Only one Leery party was booked. Mitch spots Dawson. The psychologist suggests that Andie may need some medication for her anxiety. Andie goes to her car and the stranger (Brown) is there.

Gale and Jen get chummy. The foursome begin to eat. Dawson starts getting angry when Nicole said that she would get his a small movie-related job. Brown asks Andie to choose between him or Pacey. Dawson tells Mitch to not let Gale leave; Mitch didn't seem to care. Pacey overhears a conversation between some and Andie and walks into the kitchen. There was no one there so he thought Andie was on the phone. Apparently, she has reverted to a hair style from three years ago, and Brown was "nickname" for Tim.

Joey fires verbal jabs at Nicole, until Nicole leaves for the washroom. Mitch and Gale dance when Nicole was away. Andie locks herself in the bathroom, after overhearing Pacey and Jack figuring out what was wrong with her. Brown tells Andie to choose. With Pacey's coaxings, Andie comes out.

Jack decides to call Dad. He didn't want Andie to deteriorate like Mom. Jen and Gale walk home together; Jen's plan to get Gale and Mitch together seemed to had worked. Maybe, not fully, but Gale had the "sign". They stop to see Mitch and Nicole kissyfacing and Gale runs away. Joey and Dawson kiss on the boat. Dawson wanted to "close the deal", but Joey said that they were young, but she had thought about that, too. Andie and Pacey hug.

Featured Music: P.J. Olsson, Paula Cole, Barenaked Ladies, Babel Fish

Air Date: May 12, 1999

Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes Dawson decides to interview somebody for film final.

Daddy, who Jack called, sees Andie. Daddy wants Jack and Andie to move back to Providence with him. Jen turns down Dawson as an interview subject. Pacey is sad because he can't help Andie. Andie tells Pacey that she'll be leaving tomorrow. Pacey vows to speak to Mr. McPhee about that.

Jen bumps into Jack at the pier. Jack convinces Jen to talk to her parents. Joey's dad is building a lounge for the Ice House. Dawson decides to interview Joey's dad. Pacey goes to see Jack. Pacey begs Mr. McPhee to let Andie stay, to no avail. Jen calls Mom to see if she'll take her back, not very successfully. Dawson helps out with the Ice House construction; he was all thumbs. Dawson begins interview with Mr. Potter and Joey leaves; old memories were being rehashed again. Jack tells Dad to offer Andie a choice. Pacey and Andie decide to go out on one last date. Joey tells Dawson that she wanted to close doors on the past, and he was dredging it all back in the interview. Dawson said he couldn't do the interview about himself because he was scared: Joey had moved ahead of him, he was afraid that Joey wouldn't want him anymore.

Andie decides to go; Jack decides to stay. Jen tries to see Grams but chickens out at the door. Joey tells Dawson that her life is perfect now; all that was missing was a picket fence. Jack's dad was about to hug Jack, but he couldn't bring himself to do it ... he wasn't proud of Jack. Andie and Pacey return to where it all began ... their first dance ... their first kiss.

Dawson builds Joey a picket fence during the night. Jen was about to board the bus for destinations unknown until Jack stopped her. Jack and Jen plan to be roomies. Dawson returns some tools to Joey's dad. He glances in the back to see a man giving some drugs to Mr. Potter. Mr. McPhee could only shake Jack's hand when leaving ... no hug. Andie and Pacey thank each other. Dawson did not relate to Joey as to what he saw in the back room.

Featured Music: Adam Cohen, Heather Nova, Gus

Air Date: May 19, 1999

Parental Discretion Advised Dawson and Joey watch a movie; then they kiss.

Gale decides to accept job in Philly. Dawson, in exchanging hellos to Mr. Potter, hopes everything is "legal". Grams goes to Jen's school hoping she would return. Pacey overhears on the police radio that the Ice House is under surveillance. Pacey blows off on another final by not writing anything. Dawson confronts Mr. Potter and tells him to get himself out of the situation fast.

Gale tells Mitch she's leaving. Mr. Witter arrives at the Ice House to see a study session with the gang. He was there to ask Mr. Potter a few questions. Jack and Jen argue, since Jack told Jen that she should consider going home to Grams. Jen thought she wasn't welcome. An arson's fireball enters the Ice House and starts a fire. Pacey has blown two finals and Mr. Witter slaps him after an argument. Pacey notices some smoke and alerts his Dad. Mr. Potter is busy dumping the cocaine down the toilet as the fire starts in the next room. Dawson saves Mr. Potter who was trapped in his office. The Ice House goes up in smoke.

Mr. Witter badmouths Andie and Pacey pops him one in the mouth. Mr. Potter swears to Joey that he did not know who started the fire. Jack wants to know if Jen had a death wish when she just stood there in the fire. Dawson tells Joey about what he knows about Joey's dad. Dawson tells Joey that she must go to the police. She does but doesn't seem too pleased at the police station.

Mitch begs Gale to stay. Jen returns home to Grams with three conditions, one being that Jack was part of the package. Mr. Witter meets Pacey at the docks. He tells Pacey that Andie called and he had a chat with Andie. He confesses that he really didn't know Andie. Dad and Pacey hugs. Joey confronts Dad and he admits to dealing drugs again. Joey was wired and the cops were waiting outside to take Mr. Potter back to the big house. Dawson meets up with Joey to see if she was OK. She said that she won't be able to forgive what Dawson did, and doesn't want to know him.

Featured Music: Sozzi, Alanis Morrisette, Hole, Oleander

Air Date: May 26, 1999

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