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This is a small collection of links (in no particular order), that I have found are of interest to me, and hopefully to others with similar backgrounds.  Pardon the pun, but amongst SUBMARINERS, "PRIDE RUNS DEEP"!!!

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The Grand Masonic Lodge of Nova Scotia CANADA

Halifax Regional Police

Canada's Navy



(OK, Have you figured out I am an  "Anchor Faced SUBMARINER", and  PROUD of my Navy!)

Canadian Forces Staff College (Toronto) Military News Page.  A page with updated DAILY  links to worldwide Military, and Military related NEWS

The Daily News

The Daily News Worldwide, from Halifax Nova Scotia.  Canada's FIRST, and best on-line Newspaper


A one of Britain's most popular Tabloid's, filled with all the latest gossip, and dirt on the Royal Family, Politicians and prominent members of the public.  The best part of the paper, is the "Page Three Girl".  During my three years in the U.K., I always maintained, that if it was in THE SUN, then it had to be true!

SKY NEWS On-Line.  This is a fairly good Worldwide News page, managed by SKY Satellite T.V. in the U.K.  For the most part, SKY is not Censored as much as most UK Press

AlJazeera English Website

A view of the world from one of the best News providers in the Middle East

THE NAVY NEWS (Royal Navy) On-Line

The Official News Publication of the Royal Navy.

Homepage of The Royal Navy.
(A Navy who thinks THEY are the best in the world)

Canada 411.  The full Canadian phone book on-line, for residential and businesses in Canada

Canada Post

A Searchable DataBase of Canadian Postal Codes

(Ya, I know... Sad, isn't it. Someone might find it useful)

OK...I think you can figure out this link all by yourself!  If not, it's Canada's Weather Network

Suspect a person you know is Canadian?  Check this page out, to find out for sure