Jenni, the goddess of Billigan's Island is a benevolent tree-nymph blessed with the power to seduce with a coy smile, charm with a girlish giggle, or evoke a smile from a grouch.

Much like the Sirens who lured Ulysses and his crew to their island, Jenni has an irrestible allure that coaxes voyagers from all over the world to stop and visit Billigan's Island.

The denizens of the island, devout worshippers of this angelic presence, curry her favor by presenting a burnt offering under the full moon. Veggie pizza seems to please her the most these days.

On your knees, ye scurvy dogs! And pay tribute to the magnificent Jenni! Goddess of the Island.

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Billions of Worshipers have come to visit Jenni since December 18, 1997.