The Anguilla National Youth Council

Date of Establishment: 1976

Type of Organization: Umbrella


Local: Department of Community Development
Regional: Caribbean Federation of Youth
International: World Assembly of Youth

Decision Making Structure:

National Executive Body and General Council - the highest decision making organ.


Programming Areas

Main Activities

Major Achievements

Ongoing education programs (annual basis);
History: Stature of Revolutionary leader: Mr. Ronald Webster;
Development of co-operation among young people.

25 active youth organization and a number of unattached youth. A number of other organizations have observer status.

Source of Funding
Government of Anguilla, Private Sector, Fund Raising Projects, International Organisations.

Knowledge of and A full member of CFY

Hosted a number of CFY Relation with CFY: activities over the years. Participates in most of CFY activities.

Any Other Information

The ANYC is presently developing its headquarters which will be located in The Valley, Anguilla.

Contact Information

Bren Romney, President
P.O. Box 579 (or 825)
The Valley
British West Indies
Tel: 809-497-6229/6348

Working Language: English

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