Montserrat National Youth Council

Date of Establishment: November 1989 (Re-established)

Type of Organisation: Non Profit/NGO


Local: All Youth, Community, Church, Sports Organisatons.
Regional: CFY, CCC, CYP.
International: WAY

Decision Making Structure

General Council - all representatives of groups, all honorary members, one adult youth advisor, youth officer.


Programming Areas

Main Activities

Major Achievements

Membership: Forty three groups

Knowledge of and Member of CFY since its inception. Member of the Relation with CFY Council held position on CFY Executive as follows:Vice President 1993 - 94 and 1994 - 95 and President 1995 - 96.

Any Other Information

Funding for our programs is a major problem and we would appreciate any donations.

Contact Information

Patricia Farrell, Youth Advisor
P.O. Box 272
Tel: 809-491-3341/5041
Fax: 809-4915694/3599

Language: English