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Welcome to Kadu's Old Radios!

This is my radio collection on the internet. There is a page for each radio set. The page has a picture of the set, its general description, detailed technical information, and a picture of tubes and IF transformers location. Each tube type has a link to a page with info about base, filament and plate volts, type of tube, and use in circuit, [Tubes] and [Base]. Info about dial [Lamps] is also available. Schematics of most of the sets are available to download. Check out a page about power resistor, line-cord resistor, and ballast tube resistor [Ballast].

Pictures, tube complement, base diagram, dial lamps, and technical data from more than 60 radios [Index].

JavaScript - Check out this virtual Resistance Calculator and a Resistor Color Code Table [Resistors]. Wanna see just pictures of the sets? Go to [Slide Show]

I hope you enjoy this virtual stop!

My collection and myself.

I started collecting antique radios in April 1996. How did I get started as a collector? First, my wife Flavia gave me as a birthday gift a really neat Zenith console, model 6-S-254, year 1937, with that amazing round black dial, and the whole set in perfect cosmetic condition. I said to myself, I'll get this radio back to its working life. Then, I did a WWW net search to find out if somebody else in this world would care about old radios. Surprise!!! Hundreds of sites, news groups, magazines, books, etc. After a few contacts, some reading, and a few more radio sets I got hooked. By now I've decided to collect and to restore small sets from 1920 up to 1960. It is really rewarding to get an old set back to life.

Cunningham Type C-301 Tube

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