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MacArthur Gonzalez Gastrock

De La Salle University (Taft, Manila)
(1986) B.S Marketing / Advertising Management

Achievments : Green & White '86 (Photo Editor), La Sallian (Photo Editor), Malate Journal (Features Editor), Outdoor Club (Special Force - SWAT, Photo Journalist), MES (Official Photographer), LIFT (4), Dean's List (4,3), Math Circle (2,1), AIESEC (4,3), Harlequin Theatre Guild (2,1), Intramural Basketball Team (3,2), Tae Kwon Do (2,1), Swimming Team (4).
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"Nobody really knows to what extent are his pressures within a day, guess he just doesn't want to be noticed while working . A popular figure during his high school days but nevertheless he remains uncaptured by the scenes in De La Salle. Would say, those days were over, and now is different, lives a Jesus-centered life who pursues to be a pastor or just a simple businessman." (Green & White '86 - Yearbook)

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Something from me...

Well... that was a quick ten years ago... I didn't realize, time is running so fast that I didn't have time to look back and recall some of the good times we had... only now... (with a sigh) Well, what do you know... most of us must already be on our thirties by now... specially the ones from my batch... some might already have their own families... kids... or single... and still looking... probably living abroad too... just like me... well, If you are lonely up there and you think writing to me might change your mood a little bit... pls. don't hesitate... I'll be happy to reply... and let's think about the good old days ... huh ... (like Le Jade, BA, pebble wash, Aristocrat, St. LaSalle Bldg., canteen, admi., course cards distribution, parking lot, security guards, or just about anything for old times sake... just drop me a note).
And I'm pretty sure whoever you are... I know you've changed alot...from ten years ago... more matured and responsible just like most of us...

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