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About this page ...


This page is mainly dedicated to All those "travel" enthusiasts ... who wish they
may have some clues about a particular place before they could hop in a plane -
only to be disappointed that it wasn't what they were expecting. I will try my BEST
to suit most of your needs ... from Visas, to vaccinations, travel needs, and Best
spots around town. As it is quite obvious that I cannot cover All of this
at once ... I will be Giving You Monthly Updates ... on tips on how,
where and when -
"Your money could best serve you with your travel arrangements..."
In addition to this page... I will also include pages that will refer to
my interests in life... namely my family and my Christian values and
I hope I could share with you what I beleive in and how the
"Good Lord" is manifesting in our daily lives...


(Please bear with me as this is still under construction)

"But if you're badly in need of Travel Advise - please don't hesitate,
just drop me a line - or you could fill-out the form just down below ..."

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Personal Interests

I am a Senior Intl. Travel Consultant by Profession and I enjoy travelling around
the World (with my family). Perhaps my degree in Marketing and Advertising ...
and my fascination with computers ... triggered me to Design a simple Homepage.
And I just hope I did justify your time while you're in here ...

At present I am pursuing another career in the field of Nursing . You maybe
asking me why? - Well, perhaps one thing that helped me decide to pursue
this course is because my wife is also an RN, and the chance to work anywhere,
in different areas of Nursing. The satisfaction to help others, specially people
who are "in need" is just simply the fulfillment that I've always wanted. Nursing
gives you the flexibility in terms of time, money and effort - specially in the US
where the rewards are unlimited ...

And I guess combining travel (which I love doing) plus the chance to work
anywhere at a short period of time gives me more flexibility... and I guess ...
God-willing it won't be too long till I begin another Chapter in my book ...
whatever and wherever that maybe ... I'll just hope for the best ...

For now - I'll just enjoy life and I hope - you get something worthwhile from here ...


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Various Homepages

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Spots of the Month ...

  • Bali, Indonesia
  • Fiji
  • Boracay
  • Hawaii
  • Travel Links
  • Christian Pages :

    What is a Born Again Christian ?

    How do I know if I'm saved ?

    Bible Links (various languages)

    God's Home ... (pls. read this before you go...)

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