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Double Concerto in D for Two Violins, - 1.Vivace
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Welcome To "my own tribute to" SBC Homepage

San Beda College - High School

Dedicated to all Bedans in the World!

Gus, Atoy or Arthur is a very popular dancer, actor and singer. He is funny most of the time (can't you tell ?) , but is very serious and mature when it comes to the future. He says, "The only asset I have is that I don't drink and I don't smoke". He loves poems, nature and photography... A loner at times, Gus is a frequent visitor of the breakwater when he has something to think about. He plans to be a medical doctor someday... With his diligence, it won't be hard... (HS yearbook '82)


This web page was established for all Bedans around the world:
  • to become closer through the Internet and
  • to bring the message of peace to them!
We ask all alumni, former students, teachers, staff and friends of San Beda College to send us their addresses, e-mail or otherwise, so that we may remain in contact with them.
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