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Predicted Classes Taken, 1993-1997

I would like to earn money in the form of scholarships or grants to finance a college education. I plan to major in microbiology or biochemistry at an undecided college to provide a strong base for a career in human genetic engineering. I would like to work with inherited disease control sometime in my future. You may help me if you know of a grant or scholarship source, have grants or scholarships to give, can suggest a college or university that could help me, can provide a reference to a financial aid provider, or know of any opportunities that I might take advantage of in the next year to help my education in any way.

Employment History:
Dewey and Son's IGA (grocery store)
Position Held: cashier
Responsibilities: ringing up groceries, cleaning, stocking and organizing shelves, checking in shipments, counting money
Date Began: September, 1995
Date Left: April, 1996
Starting Salary: $4.25 per hour
Ending Salary: $4.25 per hour
Reason for Leaving: poor pay, stressfull working environment, inconvenient hours, interference with other commitments, no opportunity for advancement or pay raise

The Hornet's Nest (family restaraunt)
Position Held: counter person
Responsibilities: cleaning, making ice cream and salads, serving customers, waiting tables, running a cash register, closing the restaraunt
Date Began: May, 1996
Date Ended: Presently Employed
Starting Salary: $4.25 per hour
Present Salary: $4.25 per hour


Benton Central High School

Rossville High School

Honors and Awards:

Activities and Offices Held:


Upon Request

Special Qualifications:

I speak English, French, and Spanish to different degrees of fluency. I had six weeks of lab and field experience at Indiana University. I have taken classes with lab exposure in the fields of both science and mathematics. I enjoy working with people. Although my main interest is in the sciences, I am strong in liberal arts as well. I am not intimidated by, rather, I enjoy public speaking. I am highly motivated and determined. I have what has been called a "bubbly," or a pleasant personality. I am known by a smile and a laugh that rarely leave my face.

Vital Numbers:

Predicted Classes Taken, 1993-1997:

ten semesters of science
ten semesters of math
eight semesters of foreign language
eight semesters of english
eight semesters of social sciences/geography/history
six semesters of liberal arts
two semesters of health and physical education
fifty-two total semesters/credits
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