Leda Ulyssťa



The proposal of this book

The objective of this book is to enhance the multidisciplinary observation - under the political and social aspect - on the world scenery, and especially , of the underdeveloped world, where the implementation on course, of the neo-liberal macro economy , has been causing so much suffering.

The field observed could have been considered excessively vast , if we had not put exactly what we try to describe and interpret is the universal, although multiple, of the frame that shows up as the historic phase of this moment.
Civilization became a distinct worldly structure by its present characteristics in all the globe , which although work in different ways in various geo-political areas complement each other , in a dialectic relation.

For example, the level of wealth is high in one area because it is low in another and any effort to diminish such difference appears to be a threat to the privileged situation of the rich ones.

Since it is impossible , as a consequence of the velocity and efficiency of the communication technology, to maintain the poor people unaware of their situation in the whole context, it results in a painful relationship dominion/submission.
The same phenomenon occurs inside each national society - or each market , as it is today considered in the globalized economy - , where the commercial and institutional propaganda , while bombarding the minds with ammunitions custom made by those who hold power , does not leave them , although , immune of a conscience of the social and political marginalization.

The formula mentioned , which we here call dominion/submission , is never a pacific relation , always presenting itself with a certain degree of tension.

The new although is that, being the dominion exercised in the material level and on the psychological level - through commercial and institutional propaganda - , derived a general conscience , in other words , globalized as the economy , and it has been emphasizing the suffering.

At the same time it enhances the suffering , it also makes it closer to an explosive expression , as in fact is clearly seen through two social phenomenona of today.

By mentioning that they are social and political phenomena of today I don't intend to say they did not exist before, only that they are now more noticeable and also keep a stronger dialectic relation with its close causes.

Such phenomena are - that express better the diagnostic of human society's general disease in all planet - criminality , within national borders , and terrorism , which relates with levels of external power as far as estates are organized , internally and in its international affairs.

This dominion/submission relation has caused new tensions within national area as well as in the additional world , globalized by production and commercialization of goods and services.

Despite of the academic background, I want to make clear that in the present work I am not being moved by any purpose of self assertion in the field of formal wisdom.

I try instead to reach those readers who are unarmed of theoretic schemes , to produce an objective analysis what takes place right now , characterized by totally unexpected transformations.

The intention presenting this text is to provide an assimilative ... (will continue )