Coffs Harbour  - "Australia's Holiday Coast"

By selecting any of the pages below I hope to give you an idea of  what
 Coffs Harbour is all about and why we are referred to as
"Australia's Holiday Coast. "

The sub-tropical city of Coffs Harbour, with a population of approx 55,000
can be reached by car, air, bus or rail. There are 44 kms (27 miles) of long, white beaches and the climate has been assessed as one of the best in Australia.

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Page 1 History of Coffs Harbour - where it all began until NOW....
Page 2 Port of Call - Businesses and Community Links-  Accommodation, Real Estate etc  
Page 3 Coffs Harbour Jetty Area -
The Jetty itself and the Marina and the Jetty strip with its many restaurants
Page 4 Tourism - Places to visit
Page 5 Banana Growing in the Coffs Harbour Region
Page 6 Photo Gallery - Coming Soon..
Page 7 The Ladybug's Homepage -  main page , introducing The Ladybug, Fiona
Page 8 My Family and Friends
Page 9 My Treasure Trove of Friends and links to their pages
Page 10 Icq Greetings - Index page of Icq greeting to send to your friends
Page 11 The Ladybug's Australian Beach Hut Icq Chatroom-
Come on in the water is fine but don't forget to bring the suntan cream as it can get hot in here.
Page 12

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