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The Aussie Beach Hut ICQ Greetings
Have fun with these sending them to your friends.

The Ladybug's ICQ Australian Beach Hut Beach Chat
for a friendly chat with friends for the over 40's
all are welcome though.

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Relationships To Each his own Hugs Internet Friends
Starfish Hopping Mad Roses are Red Friends Faces
So beautiful Yesterday The Male Chauvinist Missing You
Star Your Still The One The Sea Love Metre


I Love the way you do that!! Footprints in the Sand
Bum Prints in the Sand

Happy Birthday
A woman your age!

Everybody Knows What kind of Woman am I?
Please note : None of the poems above have been written by me.
So please, if I have used anyone's poem's and have not given proper credit to the author
 please let me know and I will do so immediately or remove the said poem.. 
Thank you for for surfing on in.

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