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Catalonia is in the north-east of the Spanish peninsula. The land, that has an extension of 31.980 square kilometres, is inhabited by about 6 million people.


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1: Barcelona;  2: Girona;  3: Lleida;  4: Tarragona.


Catalonia is divided into 4 "províncies" or big areas: Barcelona, Tarragona, Lleida and Girona. These, in turn, are divided into smaller regions called "comarques".

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Each "comarca" has a capital city or town (eg La Cerdanya - c: Puigcerdà; El Maresme - c: Mataró; El Baix Ebre - c: Tortosa; El Priorat - c: Falset; El Montsià - c: Amposta.)


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The term "Catalan Countries" refers to the land conquered by the Catalans during the Middle Ages. At present, its 1.845 towns and about 10 million people belong to different states, mainly Spain, France (the southern regions of Rosselló, Vallespir, Conflent, Fenolleda and Capcir), Italy (L'Alguer) and Andorra. The Catalan language is common to the different territories.


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There are lots of mountains in Catalonia. Mounts Aneto and Canigó (both in the Pyrenees) are about three thousand metres high.

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Mount Aneto


The Catalan rivers are not very long; this is not surprising, as the distance from the mountains to the coastline is relatively short.

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A bit of fun on the river.

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               A bird´s-eye view of the Delta de l´Ebre (left) Admire The Parc Natural del Delta de l´Ebre (right) ...certainly a place for bird-watchers!

There are plenty of lakes in Catalonia. "L'Encanyissada", "Banyoles" and "Sant Maurici" are really beautiful.

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                 Llac de Banyoles.                                          Estany de Sant Maurici.



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Montserrat is a mountain near Barcelona. There is a chapel where you can see the image of Our Lady of Montserrat, the patroness of Catalonia. Monks live at the monastery, as well as fifty boy singers. The latter constitute "L'Escolania". They sing polyphonic music and "El Virolai" (the hymn of Montserrat, written by Jacint Verdaguer, a Romantic Catalan poet.)



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Thousands of tourists visit Catalonia both in summer and in winter. Those looking for sunny beaches should head for Costa Dorada (Salou -remember to visit the delightful theme park Port Aventura while you are around- or Cambrils, for instance) or Costa Brava (the coastline between Barcelona and Girona) Blanes, Roses and Lloret de Mar are among the most popular seaside resorts there.


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Skiers and lovers of adventure sports often go to Llesui, Viella or Baqueira.

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  Sightseeing in the cities


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La Plaça Catalunya, Barcelona.               The lake at La Ciutadella gardens,                                                                                              Barcelona.

Barcelona has plenty of sights to see. Do not miss the old Greek Theatre (in Montjuïc), the statue of Columbus (at the bottom of "Les Rambles" -near the harbour- or the charming "Dama del Paraigues" ("Lady With an Umbrella") in the popular "Ciutadella" gardens. The "Poble Espanyol" (Spanish Village), with its replicas of historic buildings from all over Spain, is also worth visiting.

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El Call, The old Jewish Quarter in Girona.               The Wall of Tarragona.


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A glimpse of Lleida.

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