Good Bye, yahoo & geocities! We're outta'
here... moving, that is. It's all still out there, 
only now it's here: www.porkopolis.org.">>

     Remember the lesson of the truffle pigs who spend their lives in
search of truffles, the one thing they love, yet when they find them,
it’s something they can not have...

porkopolis:higgleby/piggleby> ls log edit /y> v4.
    dr-xr-xr-x    1 diaphanous.swine  cpd           0 May 13  1969/cgibin/db
    dr-xr-xr-x    2 porculation.oink  cpd           0 Aug 19  1998/cgibin/lost

porkopolis:baconlaureate> killspam -a lovelyspam/wonderfulspam"
hormel filter successfully added to killspam.

porkopolis:edit/main> souee generis
Login: eieio
Name: Swineherder
Directory: /main/swineophile

porkopolis:bourgeoispig> cd higgleby/piggleby/editor/exit/return