Here are some links to places I like ~ go check them out and have fun!

Some of my friends HomePages:

Talshiar...a really nice page by a good friend of mine, Spectre!

My brother's homepage

CherryVodka Publications (Cricky & Noxas)

Capricces Mansion

Olivias Page

Michaely's HomePage

If you feel like a friend and would like to have a link to your page here just tell me!

My collected links to different sites I like, enjoy!

Chickenpox - A great band in which my cousin Morgan Libert plays the bass!
WildLife Waystation
Parken Zoo, the Zoo in Eskilstuna, great place!
The Audiological section at Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, I made the homepage...
mIRC ~ the best IRC program!
A great Winnie the Pooh page!
In swedish only, prova om du inte är alltför känslig!
Wanna earn some money? This one really works!
This one is in swedish too, för dig som inte kan/vill/vågar/orkar loga ut...

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