Kira Mercurio is the daughter of a well-to-do merchant in a country to the Kira south. As a child, Kira desperately wanted to be an Amazon Priestess. She pestered her parents into letting her take lessons in the bow and longsword. While not exactly overjoyed about their daughter's "hobby", they nonetheless indulged her. She also learned to ride horses, as proper young ladies should (even if she liked to ride fast and jump), and she was taught how to deal with people, poor, rich or royalty. She learned the courtly graces since a good merchant's daughter needs to help out her dad by sucking up to the nobility and other potential customers.

Due to her fairly average size and strength, Kira uses a composite bow. She isn't strong, but she's faster'n all git-out, so she can zip off those arrows like nobody's business. She's competent with a longsword, but she's none too fond of close combat with hulking brutes, so she tries to keep her fighting confined to arrows.

Now, as she got older, Kira realized there wasn't any way she was ever going to be an Amazon, much less an Amazon Priest. She did, though, find something she thought she could be, a Warrior Priestess of Artemis. Kira left home to join with the priestesshood. The local high-priestess of Artemis, being unusually charitable, took Kira in and helped her to understand that while she was a wonderful follower of Artemis, she just didn't have a vocation.

Kira decided that if she can't be a priestess of Artemis, she could be a lay-priestess warrior of Artemis. She wears the bow & arrow on a moon holy symbol of Artemis and, by and large, does the things one would expect a follower of Artemis to do.

Kira is very, very charming, and she's clever enough to know it. Not quite clever enough not to be vastly entertained by the whole thing, though. Kira gets along fine with everyone, even males, but she's still a follower of Artemis at heart. However much fun it is to sweet-talk men, they are, beyond the bounds of friendship, well, icky.

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