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Don't mind me ... ... I will probably be on my computer ... cause I love to surf the net ... can you tell ...???!!!???...
Well ... one new thing is all the changes to my web pages ... and the new pictures of a few of the new things that have gone on with me .. added 6/30/98
This is the newest idea for a web page I have had .. haven't gotten to work on it yet though..
.. started 2/3/97 .. but haven't done a damn thing with it .. still haven't done a thing
Team Combacks**Under Construction**

Ron's Official Felix the Cat Home Page

So .. should I start a KNICKS page now .. or what ..???
First I need to tell everyone about all the GOLF I been playing
I shot my best score yet here .. only 10 days ago .. 91 .. Woo Hoo!!!

And here are those closest to the pin dollars .. actually Howie added a new twist to that game .. you need to make par to get the dollar ..
Then I had a thought as I was looking over my birdie putt .. when he said that I had to make Par to get it .. I said how 'bout we make it double for Birdies .. he said OK .. then I sank it from 40 feet .. Woo Hoo ..!!!
This one will be my crown jewel though .. 150 yards .. and I used a 7 Iron .. put it 3" from the front of the cup ..
There is some beautiful scenery on a golf course

Went to the Racetrack a few times already this summer .. had lots of fun .. I love the trotters ..

So ... you say you like to surf the net ... ... me too ... the newest thing I been doing is ... ... spotting these .GIF's ... I think they are kewl ... look for some for me ...

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