Lemmings II The Tribes

Bascially, Lemmings II - The Tribe is very similar to Lemmings I. The aim of the game is still the same. All you need to do is to get the lemmings into the gate. However, there are some differences. Firstly, the types of lemmings has increased to 52! The numbers of levels has also increased.

The story of Lemmings II- The Tribe is about the quest for a lost talisman that can save the lemmings. However, the talisman had been fragmented into many pieces and each of the tribes must find the talisman in order to unite it whole again. Well, will they make it? Only you can tell ...

Lemming Tribes

There are 12 tribes of lemmings in the Lemming Island

Lemming Skills

Lemmings love to learn new skills.

The skills can be divided into several categories

Building Skills

builder filler planter stacker

platformer sand pourer glue pourer

Ground Removing Skills

scooper clubbasher digger basher

miner fencer stomper laserblaster

Movement Skills

walker runner jumper hopper skater

kayaker swimmer roller climber magnobooter

Shooting Skills

archer thrower bazooka spearer mortar roper

Wind Skills

ballooner magic carpet jet pack twister surfer parachuter

hang glider icarus wings

Misc Skills

skier polevaulter slider rock climber shimmer diver

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